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After his departure from Granada, the striker Charles Bacca he arranged his return to Junior, the same one from which he left in 2011 bound for Europe to play for Bruges in Belgium, AC Milan in Italy; Seville, Villarreal and Granada in Spain. The scorer returned with a greater responsibility and that is to make the Barranquilla team shine in its second cycle with the red and white jersey.

Bacca was acclaimed by the fans of Junior semesters ago and now that his relationship with the Spanish team ended, he arranged a free contract with Junior to replace Miguel Ángel Borja, who left for River Plate. Regarding Borja, the newspaper The Universal of Cartagena counted the difference in wages between the two. The born in Puerto Colombia came stomping to the FPC.

“Versions delivered to this medium, Bacca will have a monthly salary of more than 350 million pesos, it will be the best payment in Colombia. It exceeds, according to reports, the salary that Miguel Ángel Borja had in Junior. The new River Plate player earned 250 million a month“, reported the Cartagena media.

The truth is that there are great expectations in Junior after the signing of Carlos Bacca. In Barranquilla they have recognized the importance with the linking of the number 70 scorer, a bombshell in the FPC market that doubled the sales of season tickets for 2022-II.

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