Ideal for 5 out of 5: In the first review, The Callisto Protocol was called one of the best horror games in history

New horror The Callisto Protocol from the creator Dead Space got first grade – 5 points out of 5 possible from a British magazine Evening Standard. The material appeared on the network ahead of time and was promptly deleted, but the network managed to read the verdict.

The reviewer calls The Callisto Protocol “one of the best representatives of the genre in history”, where all the main elements are harmoniously combined. The author praised the novelty for its exciting story, good modern gameplay, bright staged moments, intense fights with monsters and beautiful graphics. At the same time, he noted that the game has a lot of scenes of violence and screamers. so much so that, having seen enough of them, at a certain moment he became less afraid of further passage. It was still fun to play though.

The material also states that the game takes 12-14 hours to complete.

The bulk of The Callisto Protocol reviews will be released on December 2 on the day of the premiere of the horror.

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