Insfrán announced the forthcoming inauguration of the “Dr. Nestor Kirchner


Insfrán announced the forthcoming inauguration of the “Dr. Nestor Kirchner

Soon to be inaugurated, the Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy Centerlocated on the premises of High Complexity Hospitalwill bear the name of the former president who allowed Formosa “fulfill most dreams” through Historical Reparation.

This was announced by the governor of the province Gildo Insfranwhen leading the solidarity operation yesterday “For Our People, Everything”at EPEP No. 373 “Padre Luis Tiberi” in the neighborhood Marian Moreno.

Recalling Kirchner, he said that after assuming the presidency on May 25, 2003, three days later he traveled to Formosa and together they signed the Historical Reparation Act, which allowed Formosa to fulfill the dreams of generations in the construction of the Formoseño Model.

He pointed out that in a few days the Center for Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy will be inaugurated and the best tribute that the people of Formosa can pay it is that it bear the name of “Dr. Nestor Kirchner.

He said that the inauguration will be a political fact, because in practice the establishment is already working and treated its first 14 patients.

“It was an unthinkable thing for those who suffered or had or have a relative with this disease, which means that they will not need to travel anywhere, they will be treated here,” said the president.

In this framework, Insfrán responded to the opposition for his criticism of the lack of medical professionals in the province and here he pointed out that his management is aware of this, for which it was decided to create the Provincial University of Laguna Blanca and the careers of Medicine and Nursing.

After considering members of the local opposition as “mobileros of the Buenos Aires press who repeat what they hear” and they try to install these sensations among the Formosans, he replied: “I’m sure that in Formosa that message is not going to enter the heart of good Formosans.”

Sharing the opening ceremony of the solidarity operation, the Governor acknowledged that this is a difficult time for the country and the world, and asked to recognize that “here we can still say that we live with social peace despite the fact that there are groups that all days they try to sow hatred, despair among us”.

He felt that those feelings “they do not penetrate” in the Formoseños, because “these are circumstantial attitudes; Instead, many years ago we planted the antidote to this, which is love”.

At this point he thanked the “sincere love” he receives and warned: “I am nobody without you. If we were able to do everything we did and are going to continue doing, it is because of the sincere accompaniment of all of you” that allows you to continue with the legacy left by Juan Domingo Perón, of the organized community.

He considered that it is about strengthening it day by day because “that will be the one that the Argentine people need in every corner of the country to prevent the neoliberals from appearing again, who today are on the prowl through all the communication media, with co-opted justice sectors, the tools they may have at hand to defame, create disagreement between us, because it is the only way they can take advantage. He said that this political sector does not try to build, but to pillage.


Next, he echoed the requests made by the neighbors during the meetings prior to the operation with the provincial authorities, many of which were already resolved during the week.

“This school asked for a closed sports center to be built. We are going to do it. They also asked for space for a kitchen and for the secondary school two more classrooms. I tell them yes”, she announced, to which she added that the neighborhood’s House of Solidarity will also be restored.

In addition, the paving of the Pueyrredón avenue, from Salta street to Frondizi avenueto improve circulation in this busy area of ​​the city.

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