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Al-Marsad newspaper: Dr. Salma Al-Barqawi, a consultant dermatologist and cosmetologist, revealed that the topical cream for vitiligo, “Opzelora”, which has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, does not treat people suffering from widespread vitiligo.

She said during an interview with Al-Ikhbariya channel that: “The treatment works to modify the autoimmunity in the places where it is placed, and it was approved for use to treat intractable eczema, and it was approved for the treatment of vitiligo.

And she continued, it is a treatment whose results are good in places that respond to treatment, but it does not treat terminal vitiligo or places that are difficult to treat, nor does it prevent the spread of vitiligo.

She added: “It is a new beginning that calls for optimism to find other treatments by mouth or by needles, noting that this treatment has been given more than its size, but it is considered a precedent.”

She pointed out that studies have proven that it is superior in treating the places on which it is placed, but it is not placed in more than 10% of the skin area and is not an option for those suffering from vitiligo that spreads in the body.

The US Food and Drug Administration has officially authorized the use of “Opzelora” as the first effective drug to treat vitiligo.

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