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“It will be cooler this winter in the shops” (umbrella)

by archyde

The retail trade association Swiss Retail Federation recommends that its members lower the temperature in stores to 18 or 19 degrees. “In department stores, like butchers and drugstores, it will be cooler this winter,” she warns.

To avoid the energy shortage, we must prepare for purchases to be made this winter “in a different atmosphere”, warns Swiss Retail Federation on Friday in a press release. The organization suggests that its members apply no less than 37 energy-saving measures, ranging from ventilation to temperatures and windows.

Customers should hardly feel it, but the staff, yes, writes the association: ‘We are sure that our customers will be understanding if they see the store staff dressed a little warmer and if the ‘Brand’s visual identity may suffer as a result’, explains Dagmar Jenni, Director of Swiss Retail.

Turn off windows

In detail, among the various measures, Swiss Retail is asking for the windows to be turned off outside opening hours, the renunciation of electrically operated Christmas decorations or even the reduction of light inside. This “in respect, of course, of the health requirements for the staff”, she takes care to specify.

The retail sector also wants to take advantage of ‘potentials in terms of hot water reduction (…) and energy savings for non-critical infrastructure’.

The organization thus specifies that it wants to “contribute to ensuring that there are no consumption restrictions or quotas this winter, two measures which would hit businesses hard, just like the population”.

Swiss Retail Federation represents 6,000 stores employing 58,000 people, with a total annual turnover of more than 23 billion francs.


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