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Original title: Italian media: Inter Milan signed Dybala has reached an agreement to form Argentina striker Shuangsha

On May 4th, Beijing time, from the front page news of Gazzetta dello Sport, last week Dybala’s agent had a new contact with Inter Milan’s management. The two sides made clear their willingness to choose each other. Inter Milan provided an after-tax A four-year contract of 6 million euros + bonuses, Dybala is ready to accept this offer.

Before Inter Milan’s game against Udinese last week, Inter Milan’s management had a new contact with Dybala’s agent, and the two sides made clear their willingness to cooperate. An important reason for Dybala to choose Inter Milan is that the player wants to stay in Serie A, and he is very happy with the trust in Marotta.

It is reported that Inter Milan is the most closely related to Dybala of all teams. Marotta explained Inter Milan’s future plans to the players, making him realize that he can be a core player here, instead of being marginalized like in Juventus. , Inter Milan hopes to form an Argentine striker composed of Dybala and Lautaro.

At present, Inter Milan is reassured about Dybala’s physical condition. The two sides exchanged this issue when they contacted last week. From a financial point of view, Inter Milan can also provide Dybala with a maximum salary contract in the current team, that is, with Lautaro and Brozovic are close to 6 million euros after tax + a considerable floating bonus, and the contract period can also reach four years.

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