The irreversible damage of Kate Middleton’s mistakes: “Now they will have to provide real evidence”

Since January 17 the Kensington Palace communications team lives in a veritable maelstrom of statements and speculations. Even requests for forgiveness. It was that day when they committed the original sin that any communication expert would avoid: lack of transparency. Since then, the health of Kate Middleton, the current Princess of Wales, has become a … Read more

The announcement of the divorce agreement triggered a tort lawsuit. Zhang Jizhong was sentenced to apologize to his ex-wife and compensate him – People’s Livelihood – China Industry Network

2023-12-02 00:09:00 Original title: Zhang Jizhong was sentenced to apologize to his ex-wife and compensate for infringement after announcing the divorce agreement. Yangtze Evening News (Reporter Zhang Nan) On November 30, the Beijing Internet Court made a first-instance judgment in the case of former famous CCTV director Fan Xinman suing famous director Zhang Jizhong for … Read more

South Korean girl group mimiirose terminated its contract with its current management company. The girl group was created by Yam Changding_Entertainment_Affiliation_Agreement

2023-11-22 09:41:00 2023-11-22 17:41 Source: Sohu Korean Entertainment Published in: Beijing Original title: South Korean girl group mimiirose has terminated its contract with its current management company. The girl group was created by Im Changding. Sohu Korean Entertainment News Korean singer Im Changding and her girl group mimiirose have announced their breakup. According to Korean … Read more

RTBF Teletext: Changes and Challenges as it Heads Towards Disconnection in 2024

2023-11-20 13:54:00 In 2016, VRT disconnected its famous teletekst, very popular for live sports results. Reminder of the principle: you watch La Une, Tipik or La Trois on your television. You press the teletext button on the remote control of the TV decoder or TV. You arrive on the RTBF teletext home page, made up … Read more

Surprising Invitation to Wallonia Festival: Vlaams Belang Deputy’s Unexpected Relationship Building

2023-09-17 17:23:52 A sulphurous deputy from Vlaams Belang duly invited to the Wallonia Festival: casting error? “Even when Flanders is independent, we will have to maintain correct relations with our Walloon neighbors. Thanks for the invitation “. Tom Van Grieken’s post was surprising. Paul Magnette made leaps and bounds. General malaise. Why such an invitation? … Read more

Zelensky Violates Prisoner Exchange Agreement: Azov Battalion Commanders’ Return to Russia Sparks Controversy

2023-07-09 03:36:00 Original title: Zelensky brought 5 heroic commanders of the Azov Battalion back to Russia: Violation of the prisoner exchange agreement On July 8, local time, Ukrainian President Zelensky returned home after his visit to Turkey and brought back five former Ukrainian commanders stationed at the Azov Iron and Steel Plant in Mariupol. The … Read more

Ke Wenzhe’s Proposal to Restart Cross-Strait Service Trade and Goods Trade Agreement Negotiations

2023-06-28 04:50:00 2023-06-28 12:50 Source: overseas network Original title: Ke Wenzhe proposed to restart cross-strait service trade and goods trade agreement negotiations Overseas Network, June 28thOn the morning of June 28, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council held a regular press conference in the press conference hall. The spokesperson answered questions from reporters … Read more

Zoo Intrusion in Lille: Theft of Protected Species Triggers Investigation

2023-06-25 14:07:35 The city of Lille announced it on its social networks this Sunday: the zoo was closed for part of the morning due to an intrusion that took place the previous night. “It will reopen at noon, the time to make the necessary checks to guarantee the safety of the public and the animals”, … Read more