It’s Sunday and it’s cold, so here are two minutes of Nicolas Batum on fire to warm you up

In the NBA French battalion in 2022, Nicolas Batum is still one of the leaders. Like some of his illustrious colleagues in the NBA, the Frenchie seems to get better with age, and at 33 recently, the Clippers winger has given us his best statistical season in three years. Stats, leadership, clutch shoots, it was well worth 118 seconds of Sunday happiness.

We had left him in levitation in Tokyo, having given us one of the most beautiful moments in the history of French basketball by destroying Slovenian hopes of a historic leap at the buzzer. We found him bleeding like a young first, still just as skilful, still just as two-way and therefore still just as useful for the Clippers, moreover at the heart of a season where hard knocks abound, at the heart of a season when Tyronn Lue needs a boss to manage his locker room more than ever. Ding-dong, this man is Nicolas Batum aka the glue guy, aka the LA begey, aka the Clippers’ most important player this season and we’re not exaggerating at all.

9.3 points, 4.8 rebounds, 1.6 assists, 1 steal and 0.8 against per game, 50% shooting including 40% parking, and clutch shots so numerous that we don’t even count them anymore. A delicious vintage this year for the Batum cru, invigorated if necessary by its Japanese summer, invigorated above all by its arrival at the Clippers a little over a year ago and today unanimously considered one of the most smartest and most useful in the whole League. It expressly asks his coach to defend on Joel Embiid, it plants 32 pawns in one half against the Pacers, it takes the winning shot or not far two days later against Philly, in short, life is good for the captain of the Blues who has become by force of circumstance captain of the Sailboat Clippers (did you know: Clippers means Sailboats, incredible).

All this for what ? All that to say “have a Nic Batum in your life”, all that to offer you today these few minutes of clean basketball like a can of Mr. Clean. Come on, it’s a gift, and long live France.

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