“Jamie Foxx Hospitalized: Updates on the American Artist’s Health Condition”

2023-05-04 12:34:38

The health of the American artist, Jamie Foxx, continues to deteriorate, after the crisis he was exposed to weeks ago, and as a result he was hospitalized.
Regarding the developments of his health condition, Jamie Foxx is still in the hospital, receiving treatment, and his health has not improved well, and the duration of his stay in the hospital has increased his family’s feeling of anxiety.

For the first time since his ill health, artist Jamie Foxx commented, in a post on his “Instagram” account, in a message to his fans since he was admitted to the hospital more than three weeks ago.
Fox wrote in his message to his fans: “I appreciate all the love, and I feel blessed.”

Until now, the reason for Fox’s hospitalization, and the medical complications that occurred to him since his daughter Corinne Fox announced his hospitalization on April 12, has not been revealed.
The 55-year-old’s health deteriorated when he suffered medical complications while filming “Back in Action” with Cameron Diaz.
Because of Jamie Foxx’s illness, which coincided with the filming of the new season of “Beat Shazam”, Fox’s role was replaced by another actor, according to international press reports. (Bay Flower)

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