José Rubén Zamora claims that he was tortured in prison during the Giammattei government – 2024-02-23 12:18:41

“I was practically subjected to torture, they were very ruthless“Zamora Marroquín, 67, told EFE in one of the hallways of the Guatemalan Judicial Branch while waiting for the start of a hearing for a alleged case of obstruction of Justice against him.

Since the arrival of the new Government things have changed“The first week the Minister of the Interior visited me, they offered me a move to a better place, but I asked them to stay in my bartolina (dungeon) with conditions of dignity and humanity,” the journalist highlighted.

“Last night It was the first time in a year and nine months that I was able to listen to music in my cell, this for me was a qualitative and quantum leap,” the journalist exemplified about the improvement in his conditions in the prison where he is located.

The journalist explained that Before, I was only allowed to see sunlight for one hour a day. and now has access to a small 12 square meter chicken coop, where you walk and exercise.

Zamora Marroquín He was arrested on July 29, 2022 just five days after launching strong accusations of corruption in the media outlet he owned, El Periódico, against Giammattei’s closest circle.

In 2023, Zamora Marroquín He was sentenced to 6 years in prison for an alleged money laundering case. However, an appeals chamber decided to annul the conviction due to anomalies in the process against him.

During the development of the first trial, José Rubén Zamora and international human rights organizations They reported that their right to defense was violated by not allowing him to present witnesses and defense documents.

Last week, the special rapporteur for freedom of expression of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), Pedro Vaca, visited the journalist in prison to verify the conditions in which he is detained.

Furthermore, the Guatemalan president, Bernardo Arévalo, highlighted during an interview with EFE in Paris that He hopes that Zamora Marroquín will regain his freedom soon.

In 2021, Zamora Marroquín received from the King of Spain, Felipe VI, the award for the outstanding medium of Ibero-America for the investigative work that El Periódico carried out for almost 30 years.

Two years ago, the communicator publicly assured that Giammattei and the attorney general and head of the Public Ministry, Consuelo Porras, They would try to fabricate a case against him to silence their media’s investigations.

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