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2023-07-04 10:30:00

July will be an IPO rush with 12 companies appearing. AI-related stocks are expected to be popular, but some stocks absorb a large amount of capital, and it is expected that there will be differences in performance at the time of listing.
– 12 new listings and a rush continue, high-growth AI-related stocks are also becoming popular –

The Tokyo stock market on the 4th fell in reaction to the sharp rise on the previous day, but expectations for the “summer market” are rising as the Nikkei Stock Average rises to the highest level in 33 years. Under such circumstances, the initial public offering (IPO) of July began today. Although large-cap stocks have recently risen conspicuously and small- and medium-cap stocks have not survived the wave of hunting, the popularity of newly listed stocks is still high. Following the IPO rush in June, many new companies will appear in July, and it is expected that they will be popular for hunting for the summer market.

●Unusual IPO rush in July

July IPO is AeroEdge, which appeared today <7409> [東証G]12 companies will be newly listed, including The breakdown is 10 companies in the growth market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and 2 companies in the standard market. Every year, from July to August, IPOs take a short break and the number of listed companies tends to decrease. In fact, last July only four companies were IPOs, but this year, as the overall market is on a rising trend, an unusual number of newly listed companies will appear.

Among the IPO stocks in July, artificial intelligence (AI), IT, and recruitment-related stocks stand out. At present, there are small-cap stocks with an expected capital absorption of less than 1 billion yen, but there are also multiple large-cap stocks with over 10 billion yen.

●IPOs in June have soared initial prices one after another, but the IPO price has also fallen

Looking back at the IPOs in June, 18 companies appeared, but on the whole, the stocks that jumped in value stood out. <5577> [東証G]The initial price jumped to more than 5 times the public price, and AR advanced technology <5578> [東証G]Ya Bridge Consulting Group <9225> [東証G]The initial price of the stock also more than tripled, gaining popularity mainly in small-cap stocks.On the other hand, Noile-Immune Biotech, a loss-making biotech company <4893> [東証G]and Novarese, a relisted stock <9160> [東証S]opened below the public offering price. The overall market environment is good, but there is a gap between the stocks that are bought in the IPO and the stocks that are not.Under such circumstances, the July IPO, but in the market AI-related grid <5582> [東証G]and Laboro. AI <5586> [東証G]It is expected that the development will gain popularity centering on such things as.

● Interested in aero edges and grids in the early stages

Aeroedge, which will top the IPO in July, manufactures and sells aircraft engine parts. With the resurgence of travel demand due to the end of the corona crisis, and the recovery of aircraft production is expected, it became popular to buy and did not sell on the first day of listing, and the initial price was carried over from tomorrow.

Bleach on the 5th <9162> [東証G]appears. The company operates a sharing-type integrated marketing business. It has adopted a revenue-sharing-type remuneration system that does not receive initial costs or consulting fees from client companies. Although the company’s performance is on an expansionary trend, the amount of funds absorbed is a little over 9 billion yen. Grid on the 7th is engaged in the development, sales, maintenance, operation support, etc. of a plan optimization system using AI. We specialize in social infrastructure fields such as power supply and demand, ship allocation, urban transportation and smart cities. It also contributes to operational efficiency and the reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The amount of funds absorbed is in the 2 billion yen range, and it is attracting a lot of attention as an AI-related business.

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● Expectations for Fuller, Eco-Navista, Laboro AI, etc.

In the week from 18th to 21st, Narel Group such as construction engineer dispatch on 21st <9163> [東証G]and insurance agency Holos Holdings <5839> [東証S]appears. Narel G is growing mainly in the construction solution business, but the amount of funds absorbed from the provisional conditions is as large as 10 billion yen. In addition, Holos HD will be listed on the standard market, but it will not be publicly offered, but will be sold only, and the amount of funds absorbed is expected to be in the 3 billion yen range.

Six companies will appear in the week from 24th to 28th. Fuller on the 25th <5583> [東証G]is engaged in application analysis tools, etc., and the expected amount of funds to be absorbed is around 300 million yen, which is expected to be small and jump in value.In addition, ECONAVISTA on the 26th <5585> [東証G]is also attracting a lot of attention. It has been involved in the development of health condition transition prediction AI through sleep analysis technology, and is attracting attention as a sleep tech related stock. The amount of funds to be absorbed is expected to be over 2 billion yen.On the other hand, the amount of funds absorbed is large on the 24th try <9164> [東証G]and GENDA on the 28th <9166> [東証G]is. Tryte is engaged in medical and welfare-related recruitment and dispatch-related businesses. Although it is only for sale, the expected amount of fund absorption is in the 70 billion yen range, and the market capitalization is large at around 162 billion yen. Jenda is involved in the operation of arcades, mainly under the GiGO brand. The amount of funds absorbed by the company is expected to be around 15 billion yen.

Laboro AI will appear on the 31st. The company is engaged in the development of order-made AI “custom AI” that utilizes machine learning. The assumed amount of fund absorption is 2 billion yen, and it is attracting a lot of attention as an AI-related stock.

■ List of July IPOs
Listing date Code/listing market Company name (lead underwriter)
July 4 7409 East Group AeroEdge (Mizuho)
5th 9162 East Group Bleach (SMBC Nikko)
7th 5582 East Group Grid (Nomura)
21st 9163 East Group Narel Group (Yamato)
21st 5839 East S Holos Holdings (SMBC Nikko)
24th 9164 East G Trito (SMBC Nikko, Mitsubishi UFJ)
25th 5583 East G Fuller (SBI)
26th 5585 East G Econabista (Mizuho)
26th 2962 East Stakes Technisco (Nomura)
28日 9166・東G GELDALA
28th 9165 East Group Qualtech (Nomura)
31日 5586・東5 LOVELY(SYS)
(Note) East S is TSE Standard, East G is TSE Growth

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