Check out the disclosed information for[tomorrow’s positive and negative factors]! (Announced on December 14th) | Stocks to watch – Stock Search News

2023-12-14 11:00:00 Visional From “Stock Search” multi-functional chart[Good news]―――――――――――― ■Sanyu Construction [東証S]Up to 400,000 shares (365.2 million yen in value), which is 11.05% of the number of outstanding shares (excluding treasury stock), was purchased through TSE’s off-auction share repurchase transaction “ToSTNeT-3” on the morning of December 15th. Implement stock buybacks. ■Chuo Bild Industry [東証S]Asahi Kasei … Read more

This morning’s featured news! ★Pay attention to Shokubun, Care Net, Trans G, etc.! | Stocks to watch – Stock search news

2023-11-23 22:30:00 Shokubun From the “Stock Search” multi-functional chart ★ is a news stock whose stock price trend is particularly noteworthy today! For other noteworthy news, please check today’s “Morning Edition” News Issues. Today, the focus on stock price trends is Fujiya. Shokubun and Shokubun form a business alliance in the frozen vending machine field. … Read more

Topic Stock Picks[Evening Edition](3): Ecomot, Headwo, RoboPay | Hot Stocks – Stock Search News

2023-11-20 06:18:52 Ecomot From “Stock Search” multi-functional chart ■Ecomot 3987> 583 yen +53 yen (+10.0%) Today’s closing priceEcomot 3987> has rebounded significantly. In the morning of the same day, KDDI9433> announced that it had successfully demonstrated a solution that combines the satellite broadband service “Starlink Business” provided to corporations with Ecomot’s remote presence system “G … Read more

Mr. Seiji Katsurahata[Tokyo market has returned to the risk-off market after the week of rebellion](2) | Special feature – Stock search news

2023-10-16 10:45:00 Mr. Seiji Katsurahata (Chief Economist, Dai-ichi Life Economic Research Institute) -Uncertainty over geopolitical risks in the Middle East and trends in U.S. long-term interest rates- On the 16th, the Tokyo stock market was heavily sold, with the Nikkei stock average falling by more than 700 yen at one point, falling well below the … Read more

Featured news this morning! ★Focus on Wanted, Almedio, Ai HD, and more! | Featured Stocks – Stock News

2023-08-20 22:30:00 Wanted From the multi-function chart of “Stock Survey”, ★ is a news item whose stock price trend today is particularly noteworthy! Please check today’s “morning edition” news items for other noteworthy news. Today, the trend of the stock price is paying attention to Wanted, which has revised the final forecast for the current … Read more

Aim for the symbol of the winners in the Tokyo market, which is a winner or loser! | Special – stock search news

2023-07-25 10:30:00 The Nikkei 225 Stock Average, which has been in a lull after reaching its highest price in 33 years in July, is expected to rise again. It is likely that the leading companies will be the ones that are highly rated by overseas investors and that have set new highs since listing. ―The … Read more

Topic Stock Pickup[Evening Edition](2): Can Do, INPEX, Softbank G |

2023-07-12 06:18:02 Can Do From “Stock Search” multi-function chart Can Do 2698> 2,583 yen +69 yen (+2.7%) Today’s closing priceCan Do 2698> rebounded. Consolidated financial results for the first quarter (March to May) announced after the close of trading on the 11th showed sales of 19.93 billion yen, operating profit of 254 million yen, and … Read more

July IPO Start, Expecting Excitement of Looking for “Newly Listed Stocks” Coloring the Summer Market |

2023-07-04 10:30:00 July will be an IPO rush with 12 companies appearing. AI-related stocks are expected to be popular, but some stocks absorb a large amount of capital, and it is expected that there will be differences in performance at the time of listing. – 12 new listings and a rush continue, high-growth AI-related stocks … Read more