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E-Infini From the multi-function chart of “Kabu-Tan” 【Good material】 ――――――――――――― ■ Gifu Landscaping [東証S] The dividend for this fiscal year has been revised upward by 5 yen. ■ Nitto Fuji Flour Milling [東証S]Selected as a borrowing stock by the Tokyo Stock Exchange on the 20th. ■ Crosscat [東証P] This term’s ordinary income has been revised … Read more

Topic Stock Pickup[Evening Edition](1): Mitsui High-Tech, Samco, Mitsubishi UFJ |

Mitsui High-Tech From the “Stock Search” multi-function chart ■Mitsui High Tech 6966> 7,890 yen +1,000 Yen (+14.5%)stop height Today’s closing price Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Rise Rate 4thMitsui High Tech 6966> rebounded sharply. After the close of trading on the 14th, along with the announcement of the consolidated financial results for the term ending January … Read more

Featured news this morning! ★Focus on Hokuetsu Me, Mimaki Enji, Academic Situation, and more! | Featured Stocks – Stock News

Hokuetsu Meal From “Kabu-Tan” multi-function chart ★ is a news stock whose stock price trend today is particularly noteworthy! Please check today’s “morning edition” news items for other noteworthy news. Today’s stock price trend will be focused on the Hokuetsu Med. Mimaki Enji revised upward by 17% for the current term The current account deficit … Read more

Resurrection Bell Ringing by Rapidus, Super Buying “Hinomaru Semiconductor / 6 Selected Brands” | Special Feature-Stock Search News

Semiconductor-related stocks are likely to once again be a hot investment target in the stock market. The appearance of “Rapidus” strongly suggests the revival of Hinomaru semiconductors. ―The mass production scenario of “state-of-the-art semiconductors” that will start moving, the new stage where “domestic production” shines is a treasure trove of transformative stocks― The Tokyo stock … Read more

Topical Stock Pickup[Evening Edition](3): Sumitomo Pharma, Oriental Land, monoAI |

Sumitomo Pharma From “Kabu-Tan” multi-function chart ■Sumitomo Pharma 4506> 822 yen-18 Yen (-2.1%) Today’s closing priceSumitomo Pharma 4506> fell back. After the close of trading on the 3rd of the previous weekend, it was disappointing that the year-end dividend forecast for the fiscal year ending March 2023 was revised down from 14 yen to 7 … Read more

Rising bell ringing!Last-minute buying “Surprisingly high dividend stocks” 10 series | Special – stock search news

In the March market, it is easy to rush to look for high-dividend-yield stocks in order to take the dividend right at the end of the term. Among them, we carefully selected 10 high-dividend stocks that need attention with the aim of capital gains. ―The unstoppable flow of low PBR correction is also very active … Read more