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2023-11-20 06:18:52

Ecomot From “Stock Search” multi-functional chart ■Ecomot 3987> 583 yen +53 yen (+10.0%) Today’s closing price
Ecomot 3987> has rebounded significantly. In the morning of the same day, KDDI9433> announced that it had successfully demonstrated a solution that combines the satellite broadband service “Starlink Business” provided to corporations with Ecomot’s remote presence system “G Report”, which seems to be a good sign. It was done. Through this demonstration, we confirmed that “G Report” can be used without problems even in construction sites where radio waves cannot reach, such as in mountainous areas or tunnels. This makes it possible to share on-site video with low latency when performing a variety of tests, and to share high-definition video that makes it possible to read fine text without any problems even in blind areas. On-site trials began in late September through a “matching of field needs and technology seeds” sponsored by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s Hokkaido Development Bureau, but the company plans to start providing the service on November 30th.

■Headwaters<4011>9,980 yen +890 yen (+9.8%) Today’s closing price
headwaters<4011>There was a sudden rebound.After the close of trading on the 17th last weekend, Microsoftannounced the launch of the Copilot in-house production support service, which will build a knowledge sharing and escort support system for LLM (Large-Scale Language Model) technology for companies using Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 provided by Microsoft. It was well received. “Copilot in-house production support service” is aimed at client companies aiming to in-house system development.Headwo’s Microsoft Copilot solution engineers, Power Platform consultants, Microsoft Azure solution engineers, Python engineers, Scrum masters, etc. An accompaniment support service tailored to your proficiency in using generative AI to build a company-specific system. The impact of this matter on business results for the fiscal year ending December 2023 is expected to be minor.

■Robopay<4374>2,646 yen +235 yen (+9.8%) Today’s closing price
 ROBOT PAYMENT<4374>suddenly rebounded.After the close of trading on the 17th of the previous weekend, the company and Secure<4264>、HOUSEI<5035>announced that they will collaborate to develop a package solution for 24-hour unmanned stores using Subscription Pay. It seems that there was some buying in anticipation of future earnings contribution. A secure entry/exit control system that works with AI cameras and enables various authentication methods such as facial recognition, and HOUSEI’s reservation management system. We will proceed with the development of solutions that provide the functions necessary for 24-hour unmanned store operation. To enable even small and medium-sized businesses to provide unmanned stores 24 hours a day while reducing initial costs.

■Mitachi Industry<3321>1,166 yen +88 yen (+8.2%) Today’s closing price
mitachi industry<3321>continues to increase rapidly. After the close of trading on the 17th of the previous weekend, the consolidated performance forecast for the cumulative second quarter of the fiscal year ending May 2024 (June to November) is to increase sales from 19 billion yen to 20 billion yen (down 15.3% from the same period last year). , the upward revision of operating income from 500 million yen to 850 million yen (48.6% decrease) and net income from 350 million yen to 600 million yen (48.3% decrease) is favorable. It was done. While the adjustment will have an impact on industrial equipment and consumer-related orders, the recovery in production at automobile-related companies due to the easing of the semiconductor shortage will push up sales and profits.

■Takada Industries<1966>1,347 yen +77 yen (+6.1%) Today’s closing price
Takada Industries<1966>rose sharply and increased for three consecutive days.Around 11 a.m., JGC Holdings<1963>The company announced that it had signed a basic agreement with its subsidiary JGC to collaborate in the field of domestic plant EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction), which was seen as a positive sign. As we aim to strengthen our EPC business, we will hold discussions with JGC to improve our project execution capabilities and build a maintenance business execution system. The two companies aim to realize a carbon-neutral and recycling-oriented society and improve the efficiency of plant maintenance by increasing their execution capacity and strengthening efforts on low-carbon and decarbonized projects in Japan.

■Morpho<3653>1,251 yen +71 yen (+6.0%) Today’s closing price
Morpho<3653>continues to grow. This morning, the company announced that it would start offering “Morpho Video Summary” on the 20th, a technology that uses AI to appropriately summarize videos taken with drive recorders, etc., and this was seen as a positive sign. “Morpho Video Summary” is a technology that uses AI to extract only appropriate scenes from huge amounts of video data, reducing data volume and contributing to increased work efficiency. We provide a variety of video analysis engines that allow users to set detailed summarization rules according to their needs.For example, the “driving scene detection engine” can identify scenes in which the vehicle is driving in a video. It will be possible to create a summary rule that cuts out scenes in which the driver’s car is stopped at a red light (scenes with little change in the screen). In addition, video analysis results from a variety of other detection engines are combined and weighted (prioritized) for each engine, making it possible to set complex summarization rules tailored to the application.

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■Digiha HD<3676>901 yen +47 yen (+5.5%) Today’s closing price
Digital Hearts Holdings<3676>is high. After the close of trading on the 17th, the previous weekend, we established a joint venture with JetSynthesys of India, which operates mobile game development and IT-related businesses, and entered into a capital and business partnership agreement with JetSynthesys, a subsidiary of JetSynthesys (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo). announced that they had decided to sign the contract. It seems that there was some buying taking this as a factor. The joint venture will develop debugging businesses in global markets including India. The Digiha HD Group will provide solutions to support the overseas expansion of European and American game manufacturers, leading to the expansion of global business.

■Asuka Net<2438>710 yen +35 yen (+5.2%) Today’s closing price
Asuka Net<2438>has rebounded for the first time in three days with a significant increase. After the close of trading on the 17th last weekend, the company announced that it would acquire all the shares of BET (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo), which operates the virtual liver office “Razz Production”, on December 4th and make it a subsidiary, which was well received. Ta. In addition to expecting future growth as a V-Liver agency, this acquisition as a subsidiary will create synergies such as planning and production of character goods by leveraging Asukanet’s on-demand manufacturing know-how in the photo book business. Because we judged that there were merits that could be demonstrated. We also expect to create new growth opportunities by devoting resources to planning communication with fans and developing a media mix. The acquisition price is 437 million yen. The impact on business results for the fiscal year ending April 2024 will be revealed in conjunction with the disclosure of the third quarter financial results.

■First A<5588>1,310 yen +42 yen (+3.3%) Today’s closing price
first accounting<5588>is repulsed. Around 10 a.m., he announced that he had released “Invoice Sending Accelerator,” which automates the process of sending invoices, which was seen as a good sign. “Billing Sending Accel” is a product that can be customized and introduced to suit each company’s environment with a relatively small amount of man-hours. It will be possible to use the existing sales management system that is currently in use and send invoices from there using the method appropriate for each customer via “Invoice Sending Accel.” In addition to electronic invoices, it also supports automation of PDF email sending and coordination with postal services, making it easy to send in a variety of formats, and also automating the task of sending large amounts of invoices. This not only reduces the burden, but also helps prevent mistakes.

■IBJ<6071>712 yen +21 yen (+3.0%) Today’s closing price
IBJ<6071>continues to grow. After the close of trading on the 17th, the company announced that the number of arranged marriages in October was 63,050 (an increase of 2,930 from the previous month), the highest number for the second consecutive month following September. The main reasons for this are an increase in the number of registered members, as well as the active support of matchmakers, and the number of matchmaking sessions is increasing to the point where there is a shortage of matchmaking venues across the country. The number of registered members as of October was 86,403 (85,855 in September).

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Kawase Compi<7851>319 yen +80 yen (+33.5%) Stop high Today’s closing price
architects<6085>551 yen +80 yen (+17.0%) Stop high Today’s closing price
Armedio<7859>1,060 yen +150 yen (+16.5%) Stop high Today’s closing price
perseus<4882>749 yen +100 yen (+15.4%) Stop high Today’s closing price
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