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Kallikkad Panchayat gives land to three homeless people

Thursday, January 26, 2023 12:04 AM IST

Kattakada: Land for three homeless people for their daughter’s wedding Nalki Kallikkad Panchayat. Manchatimood Ward Member Mylakara R. Vijayan and his wife R. Hemalatha, secretary of Vellarata Panchayat. Bring happiness to the three families with the happiness of Yuman’s daughter. that
Vijayan and Hemalatha’s second daughter Ashwani is getting married. It will be held at Kallikkad Auditorium. Before her daughter climbs the Kathirmandapath, the landless Ar Haraya met three people and registered 10 cents for three people. Lucky this couple. Neighbor leaves the property for one more cent for the road. K. With this, all the three people who got the property can now build a house on their own land.

Selection of beneficiaries was conducted with transparency. . Myla also said that the land he gives should reach the deserving people. Kara Vijaya was bound to win. BJP candidate for Mylakara Ward in Kallikkad Panchayat It is not the first time that Chu has won the Mylakara victory for charity work. Conducted by no.
During the last two years in Mylakara Ward, many welfare projects have been carried out. Ratnans are made as ward members. The elder daughter Ashwati was married earlier.
His decision to grant land for the current marriage is due to Mylakara Vijayan said that Bam was fully supportive. Ray.

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