‘King’s Pack’, the manufacturer of garbage bags, ‘Hero’, goes to waste management activities in the community. Kick-off launches project ‘No pouring together’ pilot Bangkok 3 districts

Kings Pack Industrial Company Limited, a manufacturer and distributor of plastic packaging. Owner of the ‘Hero’ brand, the leader of products to meet the needs of household consumers such as Hero garbage bags, red garbage bags, zip bags and other plastic packaging. Go through social activities continuously to create learning on waste management in the community. Joined in the launch of the ‘No Pour Together’ project, as well as a new ‘No Pour Together’ garbage truck, began piloting the segregation of model community waste in 3 Bangkok areas, namely Pathum Wan, Phaya Thai and Nong Khaem, to respond to the policy of Bangkok, a livable city by Mr. Thawee. Chulasaksakul Managing Director and ‘Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chatchart Sitthiphan, Governor of Bangkok join the launch of the event

By participating in this activity to reinforce that ‘Hero’ continues to move forward as a manufacturer and distributor that emphasizes social responsibility by promoting and supporting sustainable waste management. with community access policies to educate the management of wet waste such as food waste and dry waste to create awareness of the importance of waste management and that it can be done in real life, starting from home and nearby communities especially in places where there is a large amount of waste, such as a fresh market, through a walking campaign to educate the general public and provide products from the ‘hero’ in the community; and media to educate about waste management
Mr. Tawee Chulsaksaksakul Managing Director of Kingspack Industrial Co., Ltd. revealed that participating in this ‘Don’t pour’ project is one of the many activities the company has teamed up with. To continue activities in line with our policy to create learning on waste management and to drive wider awareness to make communities in Thailand a better city. In this activity, a ‘not poured’ trash bin was installed on the rear of the garbage collection truck to manage waste sorting. To communicate to everyone that Bangkok does not pour together, there is a new garbage truck that separates food waste from other waste by piloting in the central Bangkok. and conducting a pilot waste separation management in 3 Bangkok areas, namely Pathum Wan District, Phaya Thai District and Nong Khaem District. By installing trash bins classified by different places in the community such as temples, fresh markets, stadiums, flats, which today Bangkok is ready and would like to invite everyone to start separating food waste together.”

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