Loy Krathong Festival 2023 Safety Measures and Regulations in Bangkok

2023-11-25 06:15:00 From the case of Bangkok Announcement issued by Bangkok regarding measures to prevent danger during the Loy Krathong Festival in the year 2023, which has the following details: Whereas it is appropriate to establish measures to prevent danger and ensure safety for the people during the “Loy Krathong 2023” festival. By virtue of … Read more

Free HPV Vaccination Walk-in Points in Bangkok for Thai Women Aged 11-20 to Prevent Cervical Cancer

2023-11-10 03:45:00 Check coordinatesWalk-in point for free HPV vaccination to prevent cervical cancer. In hospitals under the Medical Office Bangkok For Thai women aged 11-20 years, injections will begin from November 13, 2023. They can present their ID cards to officials to request services. According to the Ministry of Public Health (Ministry of Public Health) … Read more

Free HPV Vaccination in Bangkok: Walk-In Stations for Cervical Cancer Prevention

2023-11-09 20:15:00 Bangkok opens 11 walk-in stations to provide free HPV vaccination to prevent cervical cancer. For girls aged 11-20 years or those born between 1 Jan. 2003 – 31 Dec. 2012, click here to read details of dates, times, and places to receive services. Ministry of Public Health announces Quick Win plan, targetingHPV vaccination … Read more

Preventing Influenza and Dengue Fever in Bangkok: Tips, Trends, and Measures

2023-11-08 10:18:00 Health 8 Nov. ’23 17:18 Mr. Sunthorn Sunthornchat, Director of the Health Office (OHI), Bangkok, spoke about the preparation of the surveillance system and proactive measures. In order to prevent the spread of influenza and dengue fever in the Bangkok area, the DOE has prepared measures to prevent and control the spread of … Read more

Free Pneumococcal Vaccination for Children Under 2 in Bangkok

2023-11-07 20:15:00 Bangkok invites parents to bring their children under 2 years of age to receive free pneumococcal vaccination (PCV vaccine) at all 69 Public Health Service Centers, Health Departments. Check details. yes Due to world pneumonia day (World Pneumonia Day 2023) to reduce the incidence of pneumonia. middle ear disease and meningitis caused by … Read more