Countering the Threat of Kamikaze Drones: New Technologies and Strategies for Protection

2023-11-18 09:00:00 “The war in Ukraine has demonstrated that a small drone costing a few hundred euros can cause great damage, particularly by carrying an explosive,” explains a Thales expert. These small devices are very difficult to detect by airport radar systems. “The Ukrainians are now even making drones out of cardboard so that they … Read more

Fernando Alonso: Life in Lugano and Preparations for the 2023 Las Vegas GP

2023-11-12 06:19:38 Fernando Alonso visited his country before competing in the 2023 Las Vegas GP, the penultimate race on the Formula 1 World Championship calendar, but the Spaniard had a pleasant encounter with the paparazzi who were waiting for his arrival in Spanish territory. For this reason, the Aston Martin driver did not hesitate to … Read more

The Future of Clean Energy: Small Modular Reactors in New Mexico

2023-11-10 12:02:35 Nuclear micro reactors to hit the market The next big thing in nuclear power could be tiny — little reactors that are far smaller and far cheaper than the traditional massive nuclear plants topped by giant concrete cooling towers. (AP Video: Lekan Oyekanmi and Angie Wang. Produced by: Teresa de Miguel) AP Local … Read more

Disruptions at Liège Airport: Military Equipment Controversy and Calls for Peace

2023-10-31 12:32:00 Major deal between the State and FN Herstal: “At some point, we must stop buying ammunition abroad and kill our industry” Increase in flights between Liège and Tel Aviv The air flow between Belgium and Israel is thus far from being stopped. “We are even seeing an increase in cargo flights from Liège … Read more

Serious Accident at Francorchamps Karting Circuit: Dutch Motorcycle Rider Injured and Investigation Underway

2023-10-02 14:21:09 A serious accident took place on Sunday October 1 at 12:23 p.m. on the Francorchamps karting circuit. A Dutch motorcycle rider was seriously injured in this accident, which required the intervention of emergency services. The pilot was conscious when police arrived on scene. The accident was caused by leaving the road during a … Read more

Benefits of Flying at High Altitudes: Efficiency, Performance, and Safety

2023-09-18 01:24:00 Al-Marsad newspaper: Pilot Captain Mohammed Al Shaiban revealed the reason for flying planes at high altitudes. High altitudes Shaiban said, during a tweet on his personal account on the “X” platform: The main reason for flying at high altitudes is to obtain the best performance of the engines and the most efficiency, because … Read more

Ministry of Defense Statement: Conviction and Execution of Military Traitors for Treason and National Security Threats

2023-09-15 23:19:20 Al-Marsad newspaper – SPA: The Ministry of Defense issued the following statement today: // Ministry of Defense statement // In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful the service Military Praise be to God, who said in His clear book: “And fulfill the covenant. Indeed, the covenant is accountable.” God … Read more