Countering the Threat of Kamikaze Drones: New Technologies and Strategies for Protection

2023-11-18 09:00:00 “The war in Ukraine has demonstrated that a small drone costing a few hundred euros can cause great damage, particularly by carrying an explosive,” explains a Thales expert. These small devices are very difficult to detect by airport radar systems. “The Ukrainians are now even making drones out of cardboard so that they … Read more

Incident at Paris-Orly Airport: Airbus A330 Collides with Jetway – Shocking Video

2023-11-04 11:38:00 Shock on the tarmac. This Friday, November 3, at Paris-Orly airport (Val-de-Marne), an Airbus A330 from the French airline Corsair was scheduled to take off at 4:10 p.m. sharp to take the passengers of flight SS984 to Abidjan (Ivory Coast). This was without taking into account five hours of delay… caused by an … Read more

Remote Monitoring: A Growing Solution for Burglary Theft Prevention

2023-10-27 04:00:00 In Belgium, “remote monitoring” type alarm systems are experiencing increasing success. After a drop in burglaries during the health crisis, they are now on the rise: in 2022, there were 16% more than during the Covid years, according to Belga. These worrying figures encourage Belgians to install surveillance cameras: according to the latest … Read more

Royal Air Maroc Cancels Flights to Israel Amid Escalating Situation: The Latest Updates

2023-10-07 21:45:21 AA / Rabat / Khalid Mejdoup The airline Royal Air Maroc (government) announced on Saturday the cancellation of its flights to Israel due to the deterioration of the situation. In a statement, Air Maroc said it had “cancelled its flights scheduled until October 13.” The press release specified that the cancellation also concerns … Read more

Heroic Briton Saves Flight from Passenger Threat – Victor Troboloni’s Brave Act

2023-09-07 19:00:00 Victor Troboloni, a 45-year-old Briton, was on a plane from Tel Aviv to London when things went wrong. The man, with a heroic gesture, restrained a passenger who was trying to open the emergency door by force, after hitting a crew member. The scary scene was filmed. The man can be seen screaming … Read more