Heroic Briton Saves Flight from Passenger Threat – Victor Troboloni’s Brave Act

2023-09-07 19:00:00

Victor Troboloni, a 45-year-old Briton, was on a plane from Tel Aviv to London when things went wrong. The man, with a heroic gesture, restrained a passenger who was trying to open the emergency door by force, after hitting a crew member.

The scary scene was filmed. The man can be seen screaming and struggling, as Victor holds him down. “He tried to open the emergency exit, he was sitting in the back and it’s easy to open an emergency door, just pull the handle and that’s it”, testifies Victor in the columns of the Sun. “I held the guy down. He was very heavy. I hit him on the head and the flight attendants tied his hands with plastic ties. I had to do it, ”says Victor again.

He claims to have detained the passenger for ten minutes. “He was tied up between 45 minutes and an hour, the time to land in Belgrade,” he adds. Because following the incident, the plane had to make an emergency landing in Belgrade.

Victor claims that the rebellious passenger shouted “Allahu Akbar” several times. He explains that he was behaving oddly earlier in the flight. Another passenger, an aeronautical engineer, claims to have also felt that something was wrong. “I saw him going up and down, maybe looking for weak spots on the plane, checking seat numbers,” he says. “I know what’s going on in the air, you have no escape. It was a very scary situation,” he adds.

Victor said most of the people on the flight were women and children, upset by the situation. Once the man was neutralized, many thanked Victor for his courage.

The video is available ici.

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