KOL Suet E posted dew point photos on the Internet and complained to the photographer: I called the police

In recent years, KOL Suet E has succeeded in breaking out in the Internet celebrity circle with her impressive curves. She even opened her own Onlyfans account, providing free and paid photos for fans to browse. The so-called “there are so many people who are famous”, recently a photo of her dew point was circulated on the Internet, which immediately caused a hot topic on the Internet. Some netizens left a message: “No shame, no beauty”, but some netizens also left a message to support “Be yourself What’s wrong with what you like to do.”

(Right) Suet E, Deng Yiling, Zhuang Yuncheng, and Chen Siying held a photo calendar signing session yesterday, attracting a large number of dragon friends to support the venue. (Photo by Ye Zhiming)

Set up a paid platform for fans

Today (20/1) Suet E appeared at the North Point Ferry Pier to attend the “2023 Calendar Signing Session” event at the Lunar New Year Fair and responded to the incident: “Actually, I am very fond of photography, so I will take different types of photos, so there are some IG couldn’t upload the sexy photos with a large scale. They didn’t want to upload them. They tried to post more sexy photos, and they almost canceled their IG account. I changed and cooperated with the photographer. , opened that paid platform, if someone likes my photo album, they can buy it.”

Click to view the scene of the photo autograph session one by one:

“Healthy and sexy, not pornographic at all”

Was asked whether there is a considerable income in selling appearance? Suet E said: “It’s all okay, but I don’t have a lot of conversations, so I have a share of food. (The highest price?) A series of 40 photos costs 25 US dollars. Usually it is 10 US dollars, and there are foreigners. I will buy it. (Do you buy photos that show some photos?) No, all the photos we sell are healthy and sexy, not pornographic at all.”

Suet E IG has a lot of healthy and sexy appearances, and now has 89,000 followers, which is very popular. (IG: suet_e)

Miserably deceived by the photographer

I was asked about a dewy photo suspected to be yours recently posted on the Internet? Suet E suddenly choked up and said: “Actually, this happened a few years ago. It was me, a photographer. At that time, I just came into contact with photography. I didn’t know anything. He said it was sexy with my video. In the first photo shoot, I used my hands to cover the important part of the chest, but when the photo came up and down, the photographer used different excuses, asked me to push the opponent away, and said that my movements were so blunt. Pretty, and she can use light and shadow to cover the two points on the chest, and she keeps using these excuses to make me let go of my mind, but after he came back to me, I saw everything. After that, I thought about it He didn’t leave any details, and I saw a photo of myself on the Internet. At that moment, I felt betrayed by him. I was so unhappy and under a lot of pressure. I called her and asked her to explain how to put my photo on the Internet. But he denied it, saying that his computer had been hacked and it had nothing to do with him. I called the police, but the police said there was not enough evidence to prosecute him. (Did he get a photo of the model?) I know he is now home He took the initiative to take pictures of some models, and I have also asked for some models, and he still uses the same routine to remove the shirts of these girls.”

Suet E mentioned the dew point photos, and she couldn’t help feeling sad. (Photo by Ye Zhiming)

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