Kudryavtseva in a fuchsia skirt and heels met with Gordon amid divorce rumors

Lera Kudryavtseva is a famous TV presenter. She broadcasts on the NTV channel. And also she is often called to lead concerts, festivals and awards.

At 51, Lera boasts a youthful appearance and harmony. She has been married to hockey player Igor Makarov for 9 years. The couple is growing daughter Maria.

Kudryavtseva recently spent several weeks in Bulgaria. Her mother was with her, as well as the heiress. But Makarov and his wife did not go on vacation.

There were rumors that the TV presenter intends to divorce her young husband. Even daughter’s birthday she did without him. And the other day Lera returned to Moscow. She met with friends.

On August 11, she went for a walk and saw Katya Gordon. Blondes have been friends for a long time. Lera dressed in a fuchsia-colored skirt and green stilettos.

The friends went to a restaurant. The TV presenter emphasized her tan. She looked refreshed and rested. However, fans were alarmed that the star spent time with a lawyer amid divorce rumors.

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“Bro my favorite, Katya! How I missed you! With you and neighing, and about serious, and simply. You are awesome! Liu cha,” wrote Kudryavtseva.

Fans admired the way the TV presenter looks. The outfit favorably emphasized the figure and waist of the blonde. Recall that Lera has a son, Jean, from his first marriage, as well as a four-year-old grandson Leo.

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