Kuwait terminates the work of more than 1,800 Egyptians at once…and reveals the reason • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Kuwait terminated the work contracts of a large number of Egyptian teachers coming to it, in conjunction with the Kuwaiti Ministry of Education’s announcement of the termination of the services of 1,815 male and female teachers.

A source revealed to “Russia Today” that Kuwait also terminated the work of more than 200 expatriate department heads working in the ministry by the end of the current academic year.

The source confirmed that the number of Egyptian teachers in Kuwait exceeds 20,000, in many disciplines, as Kuwait seeks to implement a plan to Kuwaitize supervisory positions in line with the government’s direction and the state’s plan to implement the policy of replacing and empowering national elements.

Citizens will be appointed in the specializations in which the Kuwaiti element is available in order to preserve the needs of the educational areas, to reduce unemployment rates, and to provide greater job opportunities for Kuwaitis.

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