“New Generation of Resident Doctors Graduate from Alicante General Hospital”

2023-05-19 04:00:00 New resident doctors in AlicanteAxel Alvarez 11 Sixty-nine professionals have finished their training in the Alicante General Hospital and in the department’s Primary Care centers. From them 65 doctors, trained during the pandemic, at a time when the health system needs more physicians. The farewell ceremony for residents was held this Thursday. In … Read more

“Betplay League: Coverage and Highlights of Independiente Santa Fe vs Atlético Huila Match”

2023-05-15 02:15:00 Betplay League The cardinal managed to go up on the scoreboard thanks to ‘Chino’ who drew magic from his feet. Santa Fe vs Huila Liga 2023 Photo: MAURICIO MORENO CEET / EL TIEMPO By: Writing Footballred May 14, 2023, 08:53 p.m. m. Independiente Santa Fe received Atlético Huila at El Campín, in the … Read more

“The Future of E-commerce in Belgium: Trends and Consumer Behavior Shifts”

2023-05-11 17:46:52 The text is carried by MP Kathleen Verhelst (Open VLD). “In recent years, e-commerce has seen strong growth and disrupted the entire retail industry,” she says. “The compulsory temporary closure of non-essential businesses during Covid has reinforced the trend and led to a radical change in consumer behavior. Online purchases increased by 33% … Read more

“New Advertising Code for Foodstuffs: No More Ads for Ice Cream and Chips for Children”

2023-04-24 04:30:00 No more ads for ice cream and chips for children! At least, within a few weeks. From June 1, the world of marketing is indeed forced to respect new restrictions in terms of advertising to the youngest. Read also Faced with overweight and morbid obesity, the Weight and Health Clinic exists at the … Read more

Alyssa’s boyfriend was accused of domestic violence and “hit his ex-girlfriend with multiple bruises” and fled overnight | Entertainment | CTWANT

Alyssa’s new boyfriend Lu Jieyang was accused of domestic violence, and his ex-girlfriend fled overnight. (Picture on the left / photo of Alisa Sha IG, photo on the right / photo of Lu Jieyang IG) Alyssa’s new boyfriend Lu Jieyang, according to Taiwan’s print media, beat her ex-girlfriend bruises all over her body. The ex-girlfriend … Read more

Kuwait terminates the work of more than 1,800 Egyptians at once…and reveals the reason • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Kuwait terminated the work contracts of a large number of Egyptian teachers coming to it, in conjunction with the Kuwaiti Ministry of Education’s announcement of the termination of the services of 1,815 male and female teachers. A source revealed to “Russia Today” that Kuwait also terminated the work of more than 200 expatriate … Read more