launch of a digital platform for agricultural land applications

2023-11-01 19:22:27

ALGIERS – The National Agricultural Land Office (ONTA) launched, Wednesday, a digital platform allowing people wishing to benefit from agricultural land as part of the investment, to submit their requests remotely.

ONTA has opened, via this platform, applications to benefit from agricultural land with a total area of ​​13,574 hectares spread over 39 areas in five (05) wilayas, namely Naâma, Laghouat, Ghardaïa, El Bayadh and El Oued and this, to exploit them within the framework of the concession.

This measure includes land with an area of ​​2,505 hectares distributed over seven (07) perimeters in the wilaya of Djelfa, 2,947 hectares distributed over 24 perimeters in Ghardaïa, 7,176 hectares distributed over three (03) perimeters in the wilaya of Naâma , of 450 hectares in Laghouat, in addition to land with an area of ​​496 hectares spread over four (04) perimeters in the wilaya of El Bayadh.

This is a “first operation” which will be followed by other operations of distribution of agricultural land for investment, in different wilayas of the country (with the exception of land under the Agricultural Development Office industrial in Saharan lands +ODAS+), the director general of ONTA, Mohamed Ameziane Lanasri, told APS.

People wishing to benefit from it can submit their request directly via the platform, which contains detailed information on each area (municipality concerned, contact details, available surface area, soil and climate conditions, as well as water resources, electricity and roads available).

It is also possible to consult the file to be provided, the conditions of the offer and its costs, as well as the procedures to follow.

To submit an application, the candidate must complete a form including their personal information, information on the project, in particular the desired surface area, the objectives sought, the program of activities, the financial and technical means at their disposal and which they must justify, in addition to the documents to be attached, in particular the business plan of the development project, and the business plan approved by a design office, by paying the costs of the offer estimated at 20,000 DA.

The launch of this platform takes place under Executive Decree No. 432-21 of November 4, 2021 setting the conditions and modalities for the allocation of agricultural land by concession.

“This measure, which is part of the implementation of the instructions of the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, aimed at digitalizing and modernizing the agricultural sector, tends to facilitate the allocation of agricultural land in a transparent manner and in a short time, which is able to improve their profitability, achieve efficient objectives and, therefore, ensure food security, and reduce administrative burdens”, maintained Mr. Lanasri.

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