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Wednesday, January 26, 2022 | 15:56

WhatsApp has announced that the “WhatsApp” app for iOS has been updated with the ability to allow you to pause and resume while recording voice messages.

This new iOS update comes as an extension of the recently introduced Voice Message Preview feature that allows users to review their voice message recordings before sending them to contacts. Currently for select iPhone users, although it will roll out to all eligible consumers over the coming weeks through the new WhatsApp for iOS version 22.5.75.

The instant messaging app has also enabled iPhone users to pause and resume while recording voice messages. The new app from WhatsApp essentially replaces the existing pause button that was introduced with a preview feature of voice messages, and that was in December and with dynamic pause and resume buttons.

You can also try out new voice messages in WhatsApp by swiping up to lock the voice recording and then clicking the pause and resume buttons.

The ability to turn off voice message recordings was first discovered in October of last year however, it was not yet available to “WhatsApp” users, and it is also important that the updated experience is currently exclusive to iPhone owners as users on WhatsApp for Android are still unable to On pause and resume recordings of their voice messages.

Gadgets 360 managed that although the updated version of WhatsApp is currently available for select users, people in the previous version also started to get the experience of recording new voice messages and this indicates that the change is being rolled out from the server side.

WhatsApp has taken another step to improve the voice messaging experience on its app, and the company owned by Meta, the parent company of Facebook, previously brought features including playback speed and waveforms for voice messages to help users send voice messages by allowing users to stop recordings of voice messages. and resume it.

The second change that WhatsApp for iOS brings to users is focus mode support and this will allow users to think about receiving messages from specific users even when you don’t want to be bothered with regular notifications.

WhatsApp for iOS with the latest update also started showing group and profile photos along with notifications every time when you receive a new message. Tracked to the beta version of WhatsApp earlier this month, the feature is also limited to users of iOS 15 and later.

You can download the updated WhatsApp for iOS on your iPhone through the App Store. The application is compatible with devices running iOS 10 and later, and its size is 212.6 MB.

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