“Legend of Heroes Li Zhi’s Trail” appeared on Steam a few days ago, and a gentleman’s mod has appeared | 4Gamers

The Japanese-style RPG series “Legend of Heroes Li’s Trail” launched by Nihon Falcom in September last year was officially launched on Steam and PS5 platforms this week. Of course, once the game comes to the PC field, it is natural that gentlemen will pay attention to nude mods.

Just after the release of “Legend of Li” on the 28th,Loverslab Discussions about modules began to appear on the forum one after another. In less than a day, the modding gods have successfully made the king’s new clothes module, leaving the heroine Yanias naked. The Engine has been changed to Source Engine development, and the texture of the character module seems to be improved to a higher level.



However, compared to other popular masterpieces, the modding community of “Track” once seemed unpopular due to the small number of gamers, and some mod creators gave up making them.discuss

In any case, for masterpieces such as “Evil Castle” and “Final Fantasy”, any game on the PC side is almost inevitably a gentleman’s modding, and it has also become another aspect of the technical display of the modding community.

As for the mod of “Legend of Heroes Li’s Path”, interested gentlemen can go to Loverslab Forum research, I would like to stress again here that most game developers do not encourage players to use third-party mods. When using unofficial mod mod files, it is still best to use them offline. At the same time, players also have to bear the risk of computer self-security. .

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