Coti Romero from Big Brother 2022 strongly crossed Ximena Capristo: “They know me more than you”

The ex-participants discussed in depth in The night of the ex about who is more popular among viewers.

Ximena Capristo has been in a relationship of almost 22 years with Big Brother since he was one of the figures that emerged from the second edition of the reality show, and in The Night of the Ex he crossed paths with Coti Romero in an unfiltered exchange.

There are only four days left for the grand final but the mood among the former participants of the previous editions and the current one is hotter than ever, and the same could be seen this Thursday while Robertito Funes Ugarte tried to bring order to the debate.

It all started when Ximena complained about the intense questioning that the participants did to Romina Uhrig on Tuesday, and then Coti interrupted her alluding to a supposed version launched by the wife of Gustavo Conti.


“You wanted to hang on to me saying that out there I don’t want to take pictures or say hello. I never denied you a photo the times you asked me, ”said the brand new redhead to the former vedette, that she did not come out of her astonishment at that accusation.

“I did not ask you for a photo, it was a little girl who was here. I have been working in the media for 22 years. The envious one is you, because people took you out before. I’m not interested in fighting with you. you didn’t play anything”, launched Ximena, with a pepper worthy of her stay inside the house.

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“It was 22 years working and you never made it. She says things when I’m not around. Remember, you have no memory. And they know me better than you, so let’s see who is more envious”, Coti closed before the despair of Funes Ugarte.

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