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At 10 p.m., the president swears in the members of the Ministerial Cabinet led by , whose appointment was known in the morning. The announcement was made by the Government Palace 15 minutes before.

Watch here the ceremony in the Golden Room and without the assistance of the press.

These are the ministers of the Chávez Cabinet:

  • Foreign Relations: César Landa Arroyo (ratified)
  • Defense: Daniel Barragán Coloma (ratified)
  • Interior: Willy Huerta Olivas (ratified)
  • Justice: Félix Chero (ratified)
  • Education: Rosendo Serna (ratified)
  • Agrarian Development and Irrigation: Juan Altamirano Quispe (entry) – Replaces Jenny Patricia Ocampo Escalante
  • Health: Kelly Portalatino (confirmed)
  • Work and Employment Promotion: Alejandro Salas
  • Production: Eduardo Mora (revenue) – Replaces Jorge Luis Prado Palomino
  • Foreign Trade and Tourism, Roberto Sánchez (ratified)

Betssy Chávez, who replaces Aníbal Torres, is being investigated by the prosecution for the alleged crimes of misuse of office and aggravated influence peddling. The also official congresswoman served until minutes before as Minister of Culture.

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Watch Betssy Chávez’s swearing-in ceremony here:

On November 14, the National Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation into the then Minister of Culture, Betssy Chávez, after it was revealed that she hired two relatives of Abel Sotelo Villa, a merchant with whom she is romantically linked, in the State.

Later, it was learned that he had hired Flor de María Sotelo Villa, Abel Sotelo’s sister, in his congressional office.

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In addition, last May, by 71 votes in favor, 28 against and 12 abstentions – it was when he served as Minister of Labor.

The departure of Chávez from the Cabinet, promoted by the benches of Fuerza Popular, Renovación Popular and Avanza País, obtained the support of Waldemar Cerrón, spokesman for Peru Libre; as well as other pro-government parliamentarians such as Guido Bellido, Margot Palacios and Kelly Portalatino. In total there were 9 members of the government party and 1 of the Magisterial Bloc who marked green. The motion required a minimum of 66 votes. Without them, censorship was not achieved.

The Government Palace announced the swearing in only minutes before the broadcast of the ceremony. The press was not called.

This is the fifth prime minister in almost a year and a half of government. Since July 28, 2021, this function has been held by: Guido Bellido (69 days), Mirtha Vásquez (117 days), Héctor Valer (4 days) and Aníbal Torres, who has held office the longest since he was sworn in ten years ago. months, February 9.

Aníbal Torres stepped aside after learning that the Board of Directors of Congress “flatly rejected” the question of trust that he raised about a project that sought to repeal Law 31399 that reinforces the limits of a referendum. Precisely, the Constitutional Court dismissed a government appeal and confirmed the constitutionality of said rule.

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