LOC head accuses Chakshi ministry of political pressure

Buks reported that LOC’s relations with the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) deteriorated after LOC refused to sign a cooperation agreement with the publishing house “Rīgas Vilņi”, where Cakshi’s adviser Raivis Bergs previously worked. In turn, Bergs’ sister Elina has been the operational manager of the publishing house since October last year.

Berga denies that there have been discussions about the possibility of cooperation, but Bux stressed that negotiations with the publishing house took place even before Berga became director of operations, LTV reports.

He explained that shortly after he was elected LOC president in July, he received instructions from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to dismiss several long-time LOC employees.

“If I want productive cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science, then I will have to fire Dace Gulbe, Raitis Keselis and Lilita Mitrofanova, who is the wife of Raitis Keselis,” Bux said in the program.

“Third parties gave this to me. In turn, on August 12, when I already had a one-on-one meeting with Raivis Bergs, he personally repeated to me exactly the same names and exactly the same task,” he continued.

Currently, only Gulbe is not working at LOC, but Bux said that there were other reasons for her leaving LOC.

Book said that an ultimatum was also given when choosing the leader of the Latvian Olympic Association. In the open competition, Daniel Natrins, who is also the head of the National Sports Center under the Ministry of Education, received the highest mark. LOK wanted the new manager to work on a permanent basis, but did not specify this in the announcement.

When the LOC committee did not want to approve Natrinsh in office, Bux was given an ultimatum that Natrinsh must be approved as a member of the board by December 29. “If we don’t approve, then the funding for the athletes will be stopped,” added Buchs, who bowed to pressure and did not want to put athletes at risk during the Olympic year.

Councilor Chakshi Bergs confirmed that he spoke with Bux, but denied any accusations, LTV reports.

According to the Olympic Charter, Bux’s claims could have serious consequences, since if it is confirmed that the LOC has succumbed to political pressure, the organization faces suspension of recognition, which will be decided by the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

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2024-04-10 22:44:00

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