Maintaining a Healthy Weight in Relationships: Tips and Advice from Clinical Nutrition Consultant

2023-12-06 03:00:00

Enas Al-Banna wrote Wednesday, December 6, 2023 05:00 AM

Happy or sad feelings are often linked to eating habits, whether binge eating or abstaining from it, and a study conducted by researchers in the Department of Psychology at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, USA, published on the “onlymyhealth” website, revealed that when you fall in love for the first time, people undergo… Your brain undergoes a chemical shift and releases neurotransmitters such as dopamine and oxytocin which create feelings of happiness and connectedness. However, over time, these chemicals begin to fade and people enter a comfort zone in their relationships, which may cause you to neglect maintaining… your weight Not monitoring what you eat.

Commenting on the study, Dr. Mufida Al-Shalakany, Clinical Nutrition Consultant, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, explained that when there is comfort in relationships, you may gain weight, due to being busy all the time with your partner, as happiness hormones make you feel constantly hungry, which may push you to Eating a lot of food without realizing it.

The nutrition consultant added in a statement to Youm7 that, on the other hand, falling into a toxic relationship may lead to neglecting to take care of yourself due to a constant feeling of sadness or anger.

You can follow a number of tips to maintain your weight in a healthy way by committing to exercise, the simplest of which is walking 30 minutes a day, monitoring the types of your food, choosing healthy foods, staying away from fast food as much as possible, and making conscious choices to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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