Managing Stress and Uncomfortable Situations: Tips for a Calm and Positive Lifestyle

2023-08-25 17:24:18

We all know that there are different forms of stress. Some mention that good stress, also called eustress, is the one that puts us in difficult situations but that contributes to our personal development in general. For example, not using the car and walking 30 to 40 minutes to get to our school or workplace, thus breaking the sedentary lifestyle, which is positive.

There is the stress that causes us concern when we hear fatal news that occurs in a distant country, such as a climate catastrophe, generating anguish for other human beings in disgrace. However, that anxiety or anguish usually lasts only seconds.

On the other hand, there is distress or “bad”, which disturbs, mistreats and makes us uncomfortable, among other unpleasant causes at the moment. It’s the classic example of facing traffic and knowing that we have to endure it because the car has no wings to escape that awkward moment. The end-of-year parties, queues at banks or institutions, and trips also tend to generate many situations of anxiety or stress that are not beneficial. Sometimes Christmas should be the opposite, but it happens. There are too many emotional issues surrounding one of the most popular celebrations in the world.

Another stressful situation occurs when our health is delicate and we know that a hospital stretcher is a place where we can only breathe, breathe and keep the corresponding rest until we are out of danger and our health is optimal to continue enjoying the life and day to day. That is where respiratory rehabilitation comes into play, with respiratory exercises being a key element in the management of hospitalized patients.

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How to face uncomfortable situations that generate physical and mental stress?

Here are some recommendations:

Maintaining constant physical activity is ideal to keep our heart with adequate pulsation and avoid adverse responses such as increased blood pressure and/or pulsation, with the appearance of sometimes very strong palpitations that scare us. Reduce the amount of sodium in our diet Daily breathing is essential to maintain good cardiac health. Practicing conscious breathing in difficult times helps us stay calm and take long inhalations and exhalations. This can be done while driving, at work, during awkward meetings, on a plane during a turbulent flight, among other times, for 5 to 10 minutes. Maintain a positive attitude in any adverse situation. A smile often helps to relieve tension at critical moments, as well as a positive mentality. Taking care of sleep as an invaluable treasure. Mental rest is extremely important.

As you can see, every day we are faced with multiple comfortable situations and others that are not so much. Practicing breathing exercises daily will greatly relieve us when we need to remain calm and have a fresh and lucid attitude in the face of adversity. Try holding breaths for 5 minutes a day, whether you’re sitting in your office, on a couch, walking, or even driving. They will see the results.

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