Martin St-Louis allowed himself another gesture worthy of a great leader

We repeat it excessively, but Martin St-Louis lives on another planet. The Montreal Canadiens’ chief driver isn’t afraid to make mistakes, and when he does, he has no problem pointing it out in front of the lenses.

All the gestures of leadership he makes are inspiring for us, his players, the organization and the journalists. The last in line remains his desire to appear in front of the media, when he had to leave the cameras beforehand.

My friend Keven Mawn (Fanadiens) reported this news, which was initially delivered by Marc-André Perreault. After receiving the information of the changes made to the Habs, a member of the blue-white-red communications staff announced that the coach wanted to chatter with them (the journalists).

Once in front of the pack, before it opens all its microphones, St-Louis launched, without any embarrassment, “that he had no intention of hiding”.

So, despite five successive defeats, for a total of eight in the last nine games, for the first time this campaign, he stood up as a leader.

Even if the defense is disheveled due to the absence of veterans (a chance that David Savard returns tonight), he stood up as a leader. Straight as an oak tree.

Pis even if the effort of his soldiers is not always there and his patience has reached its limit, he has stood up like a leader, straight as an oak tree.

This man therefore demonstrated to his flock that he was a warrior and that he was not afraid to face reality, which could send a strong message in the locker room of the Montreal Canadiens. The gentleman is inspiring and his players should be inspired by him.

In any case, it may not be anything for you, but for me, this type of phenomenon speaks to me a lot.

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