Mays Mouissi accused of encouraging smoking in Gabon –

The NGO SOS Tabagisme Gabon says it is particularly outraged and saddened to note that the Minister of Economy and Participation, the renowned economist, Mays Mouissi, has had a finance law passed in parliament which lowers the tax on tobacco.

« It is unimaginable that the Minister of the Economy who comes from Europe where every year the price of tobacco is voluntarily overtaxed to discourage smokers could accept in Gabon the reduction in the price of tobacco in Gabon. stated Anthony Mba Nkogo.

According to the 2024 finance law adopted by parliament, the tax on the price of tobacco is set at 250 FCFA. The NGO maintains that after a long struggle, this tax was increased to 300 FCFA in 2023.

« We fought with the fallen power and obtained this tax increase. It is curious that the government which advocates our rise towards happiness cancels this progressand,” lamented Mr. Mba Nkogo.

« It is all the more surprising since you, who have just returned from France, know that the best weapon to fight against smoking is to increase taxes and therefore prices. In France since 2017, taxes on tobacco products have increased each year, thus promoting a reduction in consumption in order to better protect populations against the dangers of smoking. insisted Anthony Mba Nkogo.

SOS Tabagisme Gabon fears that the reduction in taxes will encourage tobacco consumption, particularly among young people. She suspects the Gabonese state of endangering the health of populations, particularly young people.

This reduction is contrary to the WHO Framework Convention article 5.3. This convention stipulates that each State must protect populations against smoking. Fight against tobacco. Protect populations from commercial interests linked to tobacco.

« Why does the State agree to lose money for this product? Who benefits from the crime? » asks the NGO, pointing to a deliberate desire of the Ministry of the Economy to make a golden pass or to be under the influence of the tobacco manufacturers.

SOS Tabagisme Gabon is also fighting for a ban on the sale of tobacco to small retailers. “ We must ban the sale of a stick of cigarette in this country ”, hammered Anthony Mba Nkogo.

Camille Boussoughou

2024-02-16 09:08:01
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