MBC News | A female graduate student who was investigating monkeys in Yakushima died on the beach Falling

Female graduate student investigating monkeys on Yakushima dies on beach[02/06 19:55]

A graduate student from Aichi Prefecture who was investigating monkeys on Yakushima was found dead on the beach on the 5th and was confirmed dead. Police are investigating as having fallen.

According to the Yakushima Police Station, the deceased was Mii Tanaka (25), a graduate student from Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture.

Mr. Tanaka belongs to a research institute that investigates the ecology of wild animals on Yakushima.

When the staff of the research institute reported it and the police and the fire department searched for it, Mr. Tanaka was found lying face down on the rocky beach of Nagata, Yakushima Town at around 1:30 pm on the 5th, and died on the spot. Confirmed. The cause of death was brain malfunction due to head fractures.

Seibu Rindo is a road on the western side of the island that stretches for about 20 kilometers and is home to wild Yakuza monkeys. Mr. Tanaka has visited this Seibu Rindo several times.

The scene is a rocky place with a steep slope, and the police believe that Mr. Tanaka fell for some reason, and are investigating the detailed situation at the time.

[Image]The beach where the graduate student was found… What is the situation at the scene?here

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