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Original title: Media person: The Football Association’s refund of some Evergrande signing adjustment fees is not smooth

Written by Qin Yun/Captain Q

The first time I talked about the topic of signing adjustment fees was when Beijing Guoan introduced Bakambu in February 2018.

At that time, Captain Q interviewed the Guoan Club about the progress of introducing Bakambu, and heard that the club needed to pay a signing adjustment fee. I thought it was an arbitrary fee and the club should not have paid it. Club people disagreed: the boss agreed to hand it over, and it was all about execution.

The receiver of the signing adjustment fee is the Chinese Football Association. However, the Football Association received this amount of money and not only failed to give the bills, but also did not even go through the transition of “use for youth training”. Guoan, Evergrande, Quanjian, Suning, Shenhua, Shenzhen and other clubs have paid a total of more than one billion yuan in signing adjustment fees, and the Chinese Football Association has not allocated it to the youth training project. This huge sum of money has been staying in the Chinese Super League ( Early period) or Chinese Football Association (late period) account.

At the beginning of September last year, someone brought my attention to the issue of the signing adjustment fee. I haven’t taken things seriously yet, and I haven’t asked to follow up. I learned later that Evergrande, Guoan and other clubs applied to the Chinese Football Association for a refund of the signing adjustment fee. ——How happy it was to pay the fee back then, but now it is more painful to ask for money, and the request from the relevant clubs is not smooth.

Evergrande paid the most signing adjustment fees. Considering the difficulties of Evergrande’s parent company, the Chinese Football Association refunded some of Evergrande’s signing adjustment fees. However, Evergrande’s burden is too heavy, and this small amount of funds only serves as a drop in the bucket.

In late March this year, relevant departments paid attention to the issue of the Chinese Football Association’s signing adjustment fee, and sent a special person to the Chinese Football Association to understand the situation, which also prompted the Chinese Football Association to speed up the issue of the signing adjustment fee. In the end, the staff of the Chinese Football Association informed the relevant clubs: the Football Association will study the return of the signing adjustment fee, but the leaders may not have a meeting until the epidemic has eased and returned to normal work, and then there will be a clear result.

It was levied from the summer transfer period of the 2017 season, and it is still being adjusted until the 2019 season, and the measure in the 2020 and 2021 seasons finally exists in name only. The signing adjustment fee accompanies the process of Chinese football’s decline from the Jinyuan football cliff, and is about to officially bid farewell to history.

The appearance of the signing adjustment fee was a practical emergency measure issued by the Chinese Football Association when the Jinyuan Football was at its peak. The formulation of this measure lacked serious preliminary research and preparation, and the relevant legal and financial issues were not clarified; at the same time, the problems that may be encountered during the implementation of the measure were underestimated. When the momentum of Jinyuan Football passed and the signing adjustment fee had no meaning, the collection measures were not officially terminated in time.

The refund of the signing adjustment fee this time is actually an opportunity for the Chinese Football Association to correct mistakes and reshape its image. We hope that after the signing adjustment fee is refunded to the relevant clubs, other untimely measures can also be cleaned up. (21st Century Sports Qin Yun)Return to Sohu, see more


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