Warning against using cups washed in this way

Warning against using cups washed in this way

Warning use of these cupsIn the context of ensuring the safety and health of everyone, Dr. Fahd Al-Khudairi explained to all his followers on the blue social networking site Twitter an important advice for those who use the washed cups in a certain way, which we will explain to you later, knowing that Al-Khudairi is one of the doctors and scientists in cancer research to you in the lines The following is the advice of Dr. Fahad Al-Khudairi to maintain our health and safety.

Warning of using unclean cups from Dr. Fahad Al-Khudairi

Al-Khudairi explained that it is necessary to be careful not to use cups that are washed with another group of cups in one bowl together and once, because the reason for this is that each of those cups carries the saliva of its user while taking the drink and once those cups are put together in a bowl. One bowl. This means that the saliva of each cup is mixed with water, so that the cup becomes a broad focus for the spread of diseases from one person to another. We do not know what other individuals suffer and what diseases may be transmitted through saliva.

The right way to wash cups to keep us healthy

And he mentioned, in continuation to his advice and strong warning, that cups as well as cups require special care and cleaning in a certain way and with great accuracy in order to reduce the risks that may result from using a previously used and washed cup with another set of cups, as saliva causes many diseases that we do not know anything about. And we may get it without knowing the main reason for it even though we are the cause of the injury ourselves.

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The fact that onions eliminate influenza and viruses?

Due to the large number of rumors in the recent period, especially in the medical field and in this field in particular, we find that there are many individuals who transmit different rumors about the ability of onions to combat the cold virus and the role of influenza, while it is a rumor that is not scientifically proven and spread with many other unjustified rumors Or the source is unknown on social networking sites. When sick, a specialist is directed to the doctor for diagnosis, because this is his role.

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