“Microsoft’s Vision for the Future of Xbox: Beyond Consoles and Building Unique Identities – Insights from Phil Spencer”

2023-05-04 21:57:00

Today the gaming division Microsoft focused on building your own unique identity and expanding the ecosystem Xbox far beyond traditional consoles. About it Phil Spencer said in an interview Kinda Funny Gamescommenting on the issue of competition with Sony and Nintendo.

Despite the fact that consoles are still the core of the Xbox gaming business, today Microsoft is not trying to force Sony and Nintendo out of the market, but is simply going about its business, making big plans for the future, where, among other things, the cloud service will play a big role for it and mobile gaming.

Speaking about the competition in the console segment, Phil Spencer actually admitted that Microsoft missed the chance for leadership by losing in a generation PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And releasing quality games alone won’t fix that, as people have attachments to brands and their digital content libraries that they’ve developed over the years.

Even if Starfield turns out to be an 11 out of 10 game, PlayStation 5 audiences won’t ditch their consoles, Spencer says.

I often hear comments that everything depends entirely on the release of quality games. Actually it is not. Even if we consistently released a lot of interesting projects, this would not affect our market share in any way.

We missed a race in the last generation of consoles that shouldn’t have been missed. This was the time when players started building their digital library.

It’s important to us that Xbox fans feel great, but just focusing on supporting our consoles won’t make us win over other platforms. There will be no such thing that Starfield will receive a conditional 11 points out of 10, and people will run to sell their PS5“, – said the head of the Xbox.

Spencer confirmed that Microsoft will continue to develop its own line of consoles, however, the corporation’s gaming team will not try to imitate the PlayStation and develop along its vector Xbox has its way.

“Console systems are the core of the Xbox brand, I won’t even deny it. We will continue to make efforts to give console users the strongest and most positive emotions. However, I am aware that there is a certain part of the audience that expects us to develop as a certain blue company, but only with a green tint. To that, my answer is this: following other people’s footprints and paths is not the key to Xbox success. We must forge our own path, which is evident in our work with Game Pass, xCloud integration, and our approach to developing new games.“.

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