Mila reveals that the Quotidien show asked her to apologize after her cyberharassment


Published yesterday at 11:45, Updated yesterday at 14:29


Invited on BFMTV to comment on the attack on Samara in Montpellier, Mila claimed that she had been “briefed” before appearing on the Yann Barthès set, after the waves of cyberharassment she suffered in 2020.

“I was asked to say it”. On February 3, 2020, a few days after posting a video on social media in which she criticized Islam in harsh terms after being insulted about her sexual orientation “in the name of Allah” by an Internet user, Mila is invited on the set of the show Daily.

She then talks about the very violent wave of online harassment that she suffered and for which she was removed from her high school for her safety. And if she claims the “right to blasphemy” and she claims not to regret her comments, the teenager nevertheless apologizes to the host Yann Barthès for having been “so vulgar” and to have been able to offend those who “practice their religion in peace”.

“I was asked to say it before going on this set”she revealed this Monday, April 8, 2024, on the air of BFMTV, referring to a briefing before the start of the show on TMC. “You are going to look Yann Barthès straight in the eyes, you are going to tell him almost word for word “I’m sorry” for the people I might have offended”, she said in front of journalist Apolline de Malherbe. Mila was invited this Monday in particular to comment on the attack on Samara in Montpellier.

“But I’m not sorry. (sic), I have never been sorry anyway. I did it again on the networks. I never cared, I started again. I showed precisely that this relentlessness that I had against me, that the threats, the lynching, the fact of having tarnished my image, it produced the opposite effect. Today I have hatred, today I have rage. I never stopped asserting my positions, I developed my free will, my critical mind”Mila also insisted.

Conviction for death threats

At the time, the courts opened an investigation into “provocation of hatred towards a group of people, because of their belonging to a specific race or religion”. The Vienna public prosecutor’s office finally dismissed it. The prosecutor Jérôme Bourrier had demonstrated that the remarks broadcast, “whatever their outrageous tone”had for “sole purpose of expressing a personal opinion with regard to a religion, without the desire to exhort hatred or violence against individuals”.

Several individuals were sentenced in 2020 and 2021 for death threats and online rape threats to several months in prison. Mila attracted a new round of threats after the publication of a second controversial video, on November 14, 2020: “let her die”, “you deserve to have your throat cut”, Internet users wrote in particular. Several other cyber harassers were sentenced in 2023.


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