Missouri Teacher Arrested for Poisoning Husband’s Smoothie with Toxic Plant: Shocking Act Caught on Camera

2024-01-20 12:49:27

Missouri: An art teacher from Missouri in the United States has been arrested for allegedly poisoning her husband’s smoothie. Police arrested 37-year-old Sarah Sheffer on charges of attempted murder. Earlier this week, Schaefer’s husband suffered several undiagnosed illnesses. The incident was investigated by the police after he reported this information. The husband disclosed to the police that he had suffered health problems on eight separate occasions after consuming food or drinks prepared by his wife. The strange-tasting food later caused fatigue and vomiting.

The husband installed a hidden camera to find out the truth after he complained of health problems due to continuous eating. After the wife made the smoothie, she was found adding the root of the plant from a bag labeled ‘Lily of the Valley’ to the smoothie. The root of the ‘Lily of the Valley’ plant is poisonous. When this poison enters the body, the rhythm of the heart is disturbed. It can cause symptoms ranging from nausea to abdominal pain. Subsequently, authorities confiscated the tainted smoothie and sent it to a state laboratory for further testing.

English Summary:

US teacher spikes husband’s smoothies with toxic plant, act caught on camera

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