“Moderna Vaccine” 2 doses 50 ug. Inject children with higher immunity to “Omicron” than adults.

Dr. Anan Chongkaewwatana Virologist Biotech NSTDA posted on Facebook Anan Jongkaewwattana Children’s immune response to vaccines looks better than adults. The results of this study were to test the “Moderna Vaccine” 2 doses in the adult population (over 18 years), older children (12-17 years old) and young children (6-12 years old). Modern 2 doses without booster and in young children receiving 2 doses of half-dose (50 ug) vaccine in a group 2 months after the start of vaccination (1 month after the 2 dose) was tested for susceptibility. ability to inhibit the standard coviral strain D614G, compared to “Omicron” or “Omicron” with a virus system

The results showed that the adult group suppressed immunity. “Omicron” the least at about 36, with 5% not detecting further immunity “Omicron” While the older children are immune to “Omicron”
100% had an immune level at 135, which is 3-4 times higher than the adults group. “Omicron” All as well and the immune level is at 95, which is higher than the same group of adults. Although this group received less than 2 times the vaccine.

Another interesting point is Immunity to D614G virus strain, which is likely to include delta in the young population, was as high as 2102, which is more than the other two groups.
Clearly full-dose vaccine “Children’s Vaccines” especially the mRNA vaccine that has been adjusted to reduce the dosage to suit children. This doesn’t always mean the vaccine’s efficacy is reduced, but it certainly does reduce the side effects of the vaccine. Click here to read

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