Muhammad Al-Dream’s Exclusive Interview: The Rise of Marsool App and its Astonishing Financial Value

2023-07-15 22:06:16

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The content maker, Muhammad Al-Dream, documented, in a video clip, a meeting with the owner of the Messenger application, the Saudi youth, “Nayef Al-Samri,” who revealed his huge financial value.

The video showed Al-Dream talking to the artist, Azouz Thamer, and the Saudi youth, Nayef Al-Samri, owner of the “Mursoul” application.

In the video, Azouz said, speaking to Dream: “You see, 2016 came to us and a number of famous people, and he told us about the application of Marsool.. Look now, where is Marsool!”

And Muhammad Al-Dream asked, “Nayef Al-Samri,” How much is the value of the Messenger application now?

The artist, Azouz Thamer, said: “Do you see how much it cost when Marsool started in 2016? .. Its value was” 270 thousand riyals.

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