Nacho knelt down and begged Carla Jun to choose him as ‘coach’

The girl, from Venezuela, made Cepeda and Nacho blocked Kany García as they were sure that she would be able to convince her to go to her team.

“A female voice, with an absolute character, cannot be in Kany’s hands because she is going to take it with her once and for all, since they are going to feel identified immediately. So we both wanted to block it, “explained the Colombian coach.

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For her part, the Puerto Rican did not hesitate to praise Carla for her powerful voice. “It seems that whoever has climbed here is not a competitor, but a professional. What you do, you do spectacular.”

Nacho he begs a girl to choose him as ‘coach’ in ‘The voice Kids’

But, The one who was most surprised by his talent was Nacho. The urban music singer assured him that so far in the auditions he has used various techniques to convince the participants to be part of his team, but that he would do it differently with her.

So with emotion he knelt down and begged his countrywoman to choose him. “I beg you to be part of my team, to empower me and make me the happiest human being and professional in the world by making that decision, and I promise to guide you, help you and encourage you because you really deserve it,” she told him.

“Even when you speak, you can see the wonderful character and authenticity of your voice,” continued the interpreter of ‘Báilame’, who also advised him to thank God for that gift. “You will have a great future.”

Cepeda, aware that his colleague’s speech was emotional, said: “I have to admit that Nacho had not known this tactic. He hadn’t had that way of convincing someone and I think you are being very sincere. But putting that aside, there’s not a voice like that in the whole show, but I know you’re smart you’re coming to the Cepeda team. Here we are going to welcome you with love and we will give you the position you deserve.”

Finally, Carla chose the Venezuelan.

This is Carla Jun’s audition video:

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