Najwa Karam cries as she talks about her return to Syria, and what is the relationship between Shukran Murtaja?

The Lebanese singer Najwa Karam cried while talking about her return to live concerts in Syria after an absence of years.
A video clip from the press conference held by the Lebanese artist on the sidelines of the concert she gave last night at the Damascus Citadel, in which she appeared crying, spread through social media.
Karam said: “Behind the scenes, when I saw Shukran, Anjad cried, she welcomed me with all kindness and love, as if a heart was called Syria, and as if my eagerness was called Lebanon.”
And she added, “I told her, get out of my pocket, and she is not able to see you, because I know how old she is, and she is sincere in her love.”
And she continued, “When I went out on stage, I was haunted by nostalgia and memories of the most important parties and festivals that I did in this country, and I can’t forget them.”

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