Jésica Cirio burst into tears after the scandal with Martín Insaurralde: “What was seen in the videos…”

2023-10-08 18:06:43 This Sunday in The rock of morfi, Jésica Cirio expanded her statements about the investigation that Justice is carrying out into her divorce with Martín Insaurralde. Georgina Barbarossa showed empathy for her colleague after stating that it was “the worst week of her life”, but she was also very insistent with questions about … Read more

“I am not from the street.” Watch.. Hassan Shakoush’s ex-wife collapses in tears and reveals the scenes of the video of her apology to him and the reason for her retreat.

2023-09-11 11:43:20 Al-Marsad newspaper: Reem Tariq, ex-husband of festival singer Hassan Shakoush, revealed the details of her exit in a video clip and apologized to her ex-husband. Reem Tariq said during her appearance on the 90 Minutes program: “I made a video about reconciliation because it was conditional on me within the agreement, and I … Read more

Tragic Wedding Incident in Tripoli, Lebanon: Bride Collapses as Brother Is Killed by Groom’s Brother

2023-08-19 23:58:21 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A circulating video clip showed a bride crying and collapsing after her brother was killed by the groom’s brother during her wedding ceremony in Tripoli, Lebanon. Crying and screaming The video showed a bride wearing a white dress crying and screaming in the middle of a public street, while women tried … Read more

Its shape agrees with him! • Observatory Newspaper

2023-08-11 22:17:18 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented the collapse of a young man crying the moment he saw the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan, during the screening of his new movie “A Zero” yesterday in Riyadh. And the young man appeared during the clip calling Muhammad Ramadan loudly and crying hysterically in the midst of … Read more

Gala Caldirola’s Emotional Farewell to Chile: Returning to Her Native Spain

2023-08-01 04:00:20 Gala Caldirola announced last Thursday through her social networks that she is leaving Chile to return permanently to her native Spain. Through an emotional video, the model who leaves the country with her daughter, Luz, who is the result of the relationship she had with soccer player Mauricio Isla. “9 years ago I … Read more

Karol G’s Emotional Moment with Her Mother: Watch the Reaction to ‘S91’ Official Video

2023-07-14 02:08:09 Prior to the release of her new single entitled ‘S91’, the paisa singer shared with her millions of followers through her TikTok account a very intimate and special moment that she lived with her mother Martha Navarro. Karol G recorded a video of her mother’s reaction when she saw the official video for … Read more