National Postal Day : Nattu Visesham

National Postal Service

Tuesday, October 11, 2022 12:50 AM IST

Palapetti: Motherhood for Suresh Babu who narrated the story of Anchal Thapal Children’s respect in Dyalyanganam. Valappad GDMLP School is the center of national postal culture. Gamai Postmaster and alumnus Padathil Sureshbabu He was felicitated by students and teachers.
Suresh Babu, who worked as a postmaster for more than three and a half decades. Kumaran was also a postman in Chchan Padath. Anjala in Natika Manappuram, father was a laborer Sepoy. His uncles and brothers work in the postal department. doing Anchalthapal Atakamulla Jee, which he has seen and heard since childhood. When Sureshbabu shared his experiences, it was new for the children. As an experience. Anjala Takumulla Archaeology, attached to the Department of Posts Rav Sureshbabu and brother Shivdas are keeping it. Students’ letter writing competition as part of Postal Day tradition Rav also happened.

School Development Committee member R.R. Subrahmanyan inaugurated the postal day. Principal teacher C.K. Bijoy presided. C.B. Subita, C.B. Sija, school leader Ashwati Jyoti, school chairman C.R. Adikrishna spoke.
Kodakara: Desiya Tapa under the auspices of Panchayat Central Library The day was observed. Panchayat Vice President K.G. Rajesh inaugurated. Panchayat member C.D. CB presided. Development Standing Committee Chairperson Swapna Satyan, Members Ya Shiny Jason, M.M. Gopalan, Librarian Sushma T. Shanthan, Vayojana Vedi Convenor M.K. Mohanan and Vanitavedi Chairperson Manju Vishwanath. chu

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