Natural remedies for hair loss

Natural remedies for hair loss

Everyone loses a certain amount of hair every day. This process is natural and not harmful, since new hair is constantly growing back. It only becomes critical when a person loses more hair than he grows new. In this case, there is unnatural hair loss, which can have different causes. Certain diseases, but also a significant predisposition or hormonal disorders can trigger hair loss. Doctors also suspect that certain cases of hair loss are due external environmental influences such as pollutants develop.

Unless the hair loss is hereditary and is caused, for example, by vitamin deficiencies or excessive hair styling, the body may need a little more support. Some home remedies gently fight against hair loss, strengthen the scalp and promote growth.

If symptoms persist, seek medical help

Since it is difficult to determine a clear cause of hair loss in many cases, those affected should first undergo a medical examination if their hair loss persists. The diagnosis then decides which medication and/or home remedies are used. Affected patients are also not powerless in the face of hereditary hair loss. In severe cases, they can buy finasteride, which is prescribed by a specialist and is intended to stop hereditary hair loss after a few months. In addition to drug treatments, it is advisable to take care of your hair naturally from now on. Natural cosmetic shampoos without synthetic colors, fragrances and preservatives are ideal for this. These care products provide the hair with sufficient nutrients so that they reduce the risk of hair becoming brittle again.

Apple cider vinegar for hair loss

Apple cider vinegar is considered a true all-rounder and natural hair care product. The natural product is said to improve the resistance of the hair structure and thus prevent hair breakage. At the same time, the acetic acid has a disinfecting effect, as it kills pathogens and cleans clogged pores. To use apple cider vinegar, it is sufficient to mix 30 milliliters of vinegar with 60 milliliters of water for one hair wash. With this treatment, the hair can be rinsed out after normal washing. If the odor is too unpleasant, users can rinse with clear water. Most of the time, however, the essignote will dissipate by itself over the course of the day.

Fenugreek supports hair growth

In a 2006 study, scientists were able to show that fenugreek stimulates hair growth thanks to certain proteins. Other ingredients such as vitamin B, C and iron also support the hair structure. Hair loss can be easily counteracted with the dried seeds by preparing them as a tea. Simply pour hot water over a few seeds and let them steep or mix them into a paste. The mixture then acts on the scalp for around 30 minutes and can then be rinsed out with lukewarm water. Experts recommend using this fenugreek conditioner several times a week to permanently strengthen the head of hair.

Use nettle for hair loss

Nettle is one of the oldest medicinal herbs in the world. The plant contains a lot of natural vitamins C and A as well as magnesium, iron and calcium. With these components, stinging nettle primarily counteracts a causal nutrient deficiency that triggers the symptoms. A nettle cure should be done with young plants and either fresh or dried buds. Alternatively, the seeds taste pure or as an accompaniment in muesli, soups or salads.

Aloe vera counteracts hair loss

Aloe vera brings the active ingredient beta-sitosterol with it, which has a hormonal effect and, among other things, stimulates blood circulation. In addition, the aloe vera has a strong moisturizing effect, which soothes the scalp. To use the remedy for hair loss, it should be applied directly to the scalp as a juice and left for several hours.

Caffeine as a blood circulation-enhancing agent in hair loss

Caffeine in coffee is also suitable for strengthening the hair roots. Users can use cooled coffee, which simply acts on the scalp for a few minutes. The leftover coffee grounds can also be used as a hair remedy by mixing them with water and massaging them in. After a maximum of ten minutes, users should wash the coffee grounds from their hair.

Coconut oil strengthens the hair from within

Coconut oil is helpful to repair existing hair damage and to rebuild its structure. Vitamins, minerals and saturated fatty acids contained in it have a positive effect. Ideally, users use natural coconut oil that contains high-quality ingredients. First, the coconut oil should be heated and, as soon as it takes on a liquid consistency, massaged onto the scalp. After about half an hour (or longer if necessary), the applied oil should be washed out with the usual hair wash.

Use essential oils

Essential oils are a universal aid in hair and body care. In the case of excessive hair loss, they can be mixed with a so-called carrier oil (e.g. coconut, olive or almond oil) and gently massaged into the scalp. The range of essential oils that can be used for this ranges from lavender and peppermint to rosemary and sage to cedar wood.

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