No air traffic at Schiphol for hours due to a malfunction in the air traffic control system

“Safety has our highest priority, which is why we switched to a backup system. After 11 p.m., a few aircraft landed safely at Schiphol and other aircraft diverted,” the LVNL said in a statement.

Earlier on Monday, dozens of flights were canceled at Schiphol due to heavy gusts of wind.

The consequences of the disruption to the air traffic control system were not too bad for Rotterdam The Hague. After 11 p.m., there were almost no flights scheduled at the airport.

Around 2 a.m. the message came that the problems had been resolved.

“After an earlier malfunction that occurred on Monday evening, April 15, LVNL’s air traffic control system is operational again. Air traffic is being gradually restored and aircraft in Dutch airspace and at Dutch airports are being guided again,” the organization reported.

KLM and Transavia
KLM had four flights diverted abroad on Monday evening due to the disruption: two flights went to Brussels, one to Liège and one to Paris. The company says it has also canceled sixteen flights due to the disruption. As a result, thirteen flights were canceled on Tuesday morning.

Transavia also had to divert some flights to airports abroad on Monday evening. According to a spokesperson, planes diverted to the Belgian airports of Liège and Ostend and to London’s Stansted.


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