Novak Djokovic’s hard-fought win over Karen Khachanov at Roland Garros 2023 to advance to the semifinals

2023-06-06 16:53:06

Novak Djokovic advances to the semifinals of Roland Garros 2023 after a hard-fought win over Karen Khachanov in which he lost his first set so far in the French tournament. Nole took victory with a score of 4-6, 7-6(0), 6-2 and 6-4 in 3 hours and 38 minutes. After a rather erratic start by Djokovic, the Serbian found his most solid game at the most opportune moment to turn the game around and wait for the winner of the match between Carlos Alcaraz and Stefanos Tsitsipas.


With the Russian putting pressure on Nole’s backhand, a first game that seemed easy for the Serb lasted longer than expected, but Djokovic complied and made his debut on the scoreboard. Conceding only with a double fault, Karen calmly equalized. Khachanov was approaching the breaking ball with a great reaction to the drop shots of his rival. Although he did not go to the first, the number 11 in the world took the advantage to lead 4-2. Insurmountable in his serve, Karen kept adding points on his side also from the rest.

Without finding the first, Novak saved a set ball against with a shot to the line. With a great touch on the net, Khachanov had another break option, but the Serbian perfected his drop shots to stay in the first set. With Djokovic unrecognizable with unforced errors, Karen became the first player to steal a set from Nole at Roland Garros 2023.

Resisting from the bottom in the exchanges, Novak found his opponent’s faults, although it was not enough to break a Karen who placed the 2-2 in the light with a great drop. Although he kept serving him, the Serbian did not quite find the best sensations on the track. Successful in making the decision, Khachanov advanced to 4-4 without facing too many problems.


The 40 equal reached the scoreboard under the pressure of a Novak who had already secured the tiebreak, but Karen clung to the track to meet the Serbian in the tiebreaker. With a totally different version, a solid Djokovic led with a resounding 6 to 0 in the change of ends, which he then completed with great coverage on the net.

Much more incisive from the rest, especially against the setback of his rival, Novak began the third set making things difficult for Karen to break him, although he tried to resist. Khachanov brought out his best shots to add his first game and make it 2-1 with Djokovic in command. With winners from either side of the court, the world number three was still ahead on the scoreboard.

With a drop shot, Novak widened the difference to demonstrate his dominance in those last minutes of the match against a Khachanov who was unable to keep up with him. Djokovic finished safely at the net to win the third set and reach the fourth with good feelings.

Breaking the streak, Karen started the set off on the right foot, although her luck would not last long against a plugged-in Djokovic. Although Khachanov was closing in, Novak was careful to keep his distance from his opponent. With good serves and exploding with her inverted forehand, Karen saved a couple of break options from her rival and then found himself with the opportunity in his hand after a couple of unusual errors by Novak, who ended up conceding with a double fault to that equality returned in the form of 4-4. Serious from the other side, Djokovic broke to white to lead the way to the semis, which he ended up completing with a direct kick.

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