Observatory Newspaper’s CEO Responds to the Application

During an interview on the “Al-Liwan” program broadcasted on the “Rotana Khalijia” channel, Eng. Sami El-Helweh, CEO of the “Nanna” application, discussed the impact of the app on traditional groceries. El-Helweh explained that the Nanat application presents a new model that allows customers to place orders through the app, without needing to physically visit the grocery store. When asked by the program’s presenter, Abdullah Al-Mudayfer, if opening a thousand “cloud stores” would eliminate traditional grocery stores, El-Helweh answered in the affirmative, although he did not believe that the market could support that many. To avoid being a danger to traditional grocery stores, El-Helweh explained that the company had opened a commercial franchise system, partnering with Saudi grocery store owners who want to utilize the Nanat platform instead of entering the traditional market. This partnership enables owners to leverage technology and better control their stores, mitigating issues that may have caused them to leave the industry.

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Eng. Sami El-Helweh, CEO of the “Nanna” application, revealed, during an interview with the “Al-Liwan” program broadcast on the “Rotana Khalijia” channel, the impact of the “Nanna” application on traditional groceries.

Al-Hilweh said during the program: The Nanat application presents a new model, through which the customer can depend on the request in the application and what goes to the grocery store, which is supposed to have no pleasure.

The presenter of the program, Abdullah Al-Mudayfer, asked, “If you open a thousand closed stores, will you eliminate groceries?” And the engineer, Sami Al-Hilweh, answered: “Yes,” if we open a thousand stores, we will eliminate groceries, even though the market can afford more than a thousand, and if every neighborhood in the Kingdom has a cloud store, you will not need groceries.

He added: We are not a danger to the grocery store, because we have opened a commercial franchise system, by partnering with the Saudi grocery owner who wants to work in the sector, instead of entering the traditional sector, which is the grocery store. He can eventually work with us and we enable him with technology.

And he went on: The Saudi grocery owner has a problem that he does not control the grocery store, so many Saudis leave the sector.

In conclusion, the “Nanna” application is revolutionizing the way customers shop for groceries. With its innovative approach, the app is making it easy for customers to order their groceries from cloud stores, eliminating the need for traditional grocery stores. However, the CEO of the app assures that they are not a danger to traditional grocery stores, as they have opened a commercial franchise system that allows grocery owners to partner with them and take advantage of the technology. The app is providing solutions to problems faced by Saudi grocery owners and creating new opportunities in the sector. The future of grocery shopping in the Kingdom looks promising, thanks to the “Nanna” application.

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