Oman news English: The city will wake up; Muscat Municipality with new projects – massive project to give a new lease of life to muscat city

Muscat: The Muscat Municipality has come up with new activities and projects that will awaken the municipality. A mountain walkway will be established in the Riam area. And special places for street vendors. Roads will be constructed to the interior of the Al-Misfa Industrial Area in Boucher Valley. In this way, big plans are made to revitalize the city. City officials said a tender had been issued for the project.

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The Muscat Municipality has begun work on the first phase of the Golden Jubilee Walk project. The project covers an area of ​​84,400 square meters in the Seeb district. The aim is not only to bring several projects to the governorate of Muscat. It also aims to provide recreational facilities to citizens and residents of the country. The necessary plans have been brought for this.

The big activities required in the tourism sector have been prepared. There is a bicycle path, a gym and beautiful parks. The project will have 38,250 square meters of green space. The project is expected to start this year and be completed by April next year.

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And the 1,972-meter-long walkway at the Golden Jubilee Walk. The cycle path is 1,972 m long and 3 m wide. Areas equipped with sports equipment and playgrounds for children will be set up. It will also have parking facilities for 140 cars.


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